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Mars Square Saturn: Bucking Authority

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Mars Square Saturn natally often means “bucking authority”. Saturn is Grandaddy & Mars is the 40 year old ADULT child who wants to go his own way…

Originally published January 2011


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2 Responses to Mars Square Saturn: Bucking Authority

  1. Avav says:


    Could you share more about this aspect in natal charts? In my case I have Pluto conjunct Saturn in Libra and both are square Mars in Capricorn. 

    Interested in knowing more about such natal aspects from you. 


    • If you use the ‘search’ feature at the top right and type in what you’re looking for, you’ll be able to find it.  Also, search for stuff on this topic at my other blog:  http://www.blog.virgovault.com

      I’m no longer answering questions about personal charts, or taking requests for posts, as I’m a professional astrologer and have no desire or need  to do this. I write about topics I enjoy and that are on my mind, as this is my daily diary.

      However, depending upon the topic of blog post I may offer some insights, in comments, that affect you personally. So the key is to respond to many blog posts (even if they are not about you) so that we develop a connection and then I’m more likely to help you out.

      Having said this, I am having a 30% off sale for my ‘social network friends’ and it’s rare I put a sale on since I work so hard on consultations…

      Soooo now is the time to get a reading –> http://www.knowtheway.ca/specials/social-friends-sale.html#axzz1tSHax6U9


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