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The Diary of a Pro Astrologer, Tarot Reader, Numerologist, Psychic, Commentator, Social Worker, Mental and Emotional Athlete, People Mechanic, Biking Babe, Occultist, Artist, Meist, & YOUR Wisdom Guide.

Human Nature: Should have’s and could have’s

Receive a reading or consultation. I use astrology, tarot, numerology, psychic, and other tools to deliver a simply sensational session.

Never beat yourself up for would-have, could-have. I have had the opportunity to go down different paths with the same pattern, people and the end result is always the same. We’re all on auto-pilot. Destiny awaits us.  Better to focus on what we are here to accomplish within rather than what we want to change without.

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Let me provide some insights in your own life. And if you are interested in learning astrology, numerology, or tarot from a Jupiter-Uranus Libra in the 9th teacher, I'd love to be your guide.