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Where Are You Mean? Where’s Your Capricorn?

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Where Are You Mean? Where’s Your Capricorn?

Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, can be a mean old man.  Where’s your Capricorn and what does it say about how and why you can be mean? I have Capricorn rising.  I can look mean but deep down, I’m not (Opposite Theory! Cancer on the DC!).  I can, however, be mean like a gnarly dog, guarding his masters (The Sun & Moon and the other inner bits).

My Capricorn meanness acts as protector.


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2 Responses to Where Are You Mean? Where’s Your Capricorn?

  1. Mermaid says:

    Good one! Haha, that cranky old joe’s been around the block.

    Do the points and planets really harness their polarity? Perhaps the DC isn’t merely the other fellow but your own mode of intimate expression when partnering with that fellow. :D

    I have one for you. Capricorn on the cusp of the 4th house = Capricorn in the soul = meanness in the core. LOL. I’d assume this one would guard his own sense of Security, while mine on the cusp of the 2nd defends my Values! Def valid. Eye opener.

    My Venus is a Cap but too much lovingness is my curse (it hooks up w/ boundless Neptune.) That love goddess IS cautious and waaay overly protective, though. But mean?? Never! Hmm. Maybe my lunar Leo heart can’t bear to harness that meanness.

    • Astrogasm says:

      hehe :-)
      Thanks for commenting!
      I do believe in polarity, yup.
      It’s the other fellow AND the same.
      One coin, two sides. :-)
      One one side is serious, detached, business family Capricorn. On the other side is nurturing, attached, tribal family Cancer.
      Blending the two together we have a family person who cares about the well-being of their brood and as well as the trappings of success.

      Capricorn in the 4th can indicate having ‘mean roots’ or an ancestry rooted in mean folk! :-) So it can be part of the DNA but you can choose not to go there as well.
      I have Venus Sextile Neptune. Venus Capricorn can withhold love when protecting itself from mean folk (being in your 4th)!

      Yes, Leos are warm and cuddly and can’t stay mean for very love. Mostly it’s for drama anyway! ;-P

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