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Venus Retrograde: April 12th (Shadow period), May 16th (Rx) 2012

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Out goes Mercury (April 4th – April 23rd, 2012) and Mars (direct on April 14th, 2012) and in comes Venus (April 12th, shadow) to eventually smooth it all over with Mars and Mercury or is that the other way around?! ;P

This Venus and Mars may both like to think but they don’t like how each other processes and communicates their thoughts (Square).

Venus Gemini is in the shadow phase, starting on April 12th at but meets with Mars Virgo for a couple of days to decide what they’re going to do next.

After Mars hammers Venus with a lengthy analysis about the problems he’s figured they have had, Venus feels confused, verbally assaulted, and overwhelmed and so they decide to take some time out and reflect upon their relationship, how they spend money, and how they enjoy love and life. Mars also wants to get some clarity on their sex life and make some future plans about the relationship.

Then on May 16th, Mars is still a little steamy over the discussion he had with Venus and he’s nattering at her but she can’t really hear him and has essentially withdrawn her love because she’s still unsure and wants more time to have an internal dialogue with her inner twin, Gemini at 23° Rx.

However, on June 28, 2012 — about a week past the shadow period ending for Mars (June 19, 2012) — Venus comes around (turns direct) at 7° Gemini but it takes her until July 31, 2012 (Gemini 23°) to get completely out from under the shadow and gain the sweetness she desires from Mars again, who at this point is in relationship and communication friendly Libra at 15°!

In the thick of the summer, all will be in harmony (trine) again with Venus and Mars in the stimulating, warm, and creative Sun of Leo (sextiling Libra, by orb and Gemini, by sign)! Hot, summer love!

And Mercury gets into the ‘love-in’ at a Leo 4° conjunction with the 8° Sun on the 31! I could go on with this love parade of the planets but I think this is enough, for now. hehe

What house will Venus enter and exit for you?

For myself, I’ll have Venus Rx, direct, and shadow phases in the 5th and 6th house. I believe I’ll be looking at bringing more art, money, cerebral play, and romance into my life. And I’ll be working out how to beautify and balance my thinking and speaking with a daily meditation and self-love practice as well as re-formulating communication tasks and the environment I do them in. I also have a good feeling I’ll begin work on the physical design (I feel this is essential) of my TarotSeek ebook and decide if I want to self-publish or work with an established publisher for Volume 1. Also, I’ll be selling some jewelry and clothing that I’ve been meaning to do for some time now. I’ve had a lot of ‘starts’ but haven’t went through with it — now is the time, I hope. And maybe I’ll record the vocals to Mad World or some singing opportunity will resurface.

And it’s been said that Venus Rx is often not a good time to get cosmetic procedures done or commit to a relationship because the results may not last or be what you wanted. This is also why it’s important to take a look at where Venus will transit and what it will aspect. One size doesn’t fit all.


Mercury Direct April 4th
Shadow period over April 23rd

Mars Direct April 14th
Shadow period over June 19th

Venus Shadow April 12th
Retrograde May 16th
Direct June 28th
Shadow July 31st

And lest I forget to mention that Pluto goes Retrograde in Capricorn on April 10th.


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4 Responses to Venus Retrograde: April 12th (Shadow period), May 16th (Rx) 2012

  1. 5th and 6th house for me too. Thanks for your description!

  2. mel says:

    Is Venus retrograde conjunct Sun an okay time for cosmetic fillers in the Solar Return?

    • Hello Mel, The easy answer is this: It is advised not to do any NEW cosmetic procedures during a Venus Rx or you may have to redo it. We are in the shadow period right now. The 2013 Venus Rx in Capricorn ends in February / March 2014. The Rx begins on December 21… so no radically new haircuts or dye jobs for Christmas / New Years. ;P

      What are “cosmetic fillers”? Botox? Lip plumping?
      If you’re redoing what’s already been done, doing a cosmetic procedure should be okay.


      A brow shape has already been created, and you are doing maintenance on your brows as opposed to creating a whole new brow shape. Unfortunately problems can still occur if you’re not the one in charge of your beauty treatment. Recently I went in to for a brow clean up, and they redid my brow shape and it wasn’t very nice. So now I have to grow it out. And because it will grow out during the Venus Rx, I can go back and get it fixed — as it was a mistake done during the shadow period. LOL

      Just know that whatever you may do, may not be what you wanted, and you may go back on it BUT there are always exceptions and each chart would show differently.

      In regards to Venus Rx Conjunct Sun in an SOLAR RETURN. I imagine you’re a Capricorn Sun, yes? This SR aspect can indicate going over a beauty treatment that was done previously and that you were not satisfied with. If this is the case, you should have success with it, this time around. This aspect can also speak to hitting the final nail on the coffin, or resurrecting a romance from the past. Basically Venus Rx is about “unfinished business” and “corrections to be made” in love, money, beauty, and contractual obligations unfulfilled. One way or another, this transit (coupled with a re-applying conjunction that Venus has to Pluto in the new year!) attempts to apply “Death” to the Venusian issue. Death related to endings, or brand new fresh starts. It’s a Clean Up job!!

      Have you been “flogging a dead horse”? It is time to give up on it. And if you have, was there enough juice (to begin with) to resurrect it in a new form or format?

      So if you’ve been trying to fix a cosmetic problem in the same way (over and over again) and haven’t had success, you may want to Stop OR have a radically different way of approaching it. Out with the old, and in with the new.

      Basically old problems can receive a new solution at this time.

      How this aspect goes down, depends upon other indicators in your SR / Natal chart.

      Solar returns tell you the high potential of what you’re going to do in a specific area (house) of the chart.

      They are a little different from reading transits (mundane or personal). If find the solar return chart describes people, and events much better than transits. However, I use transits in combination with the solar return. Aspects and indicators are likely to overlap in order for the outcome to materialize.

      So if you have a lot of “romance indicators”, by way of transit, and then your solar return promises a romance — you’re likely to have a romance! :-D But if transits don’t support the SR and vice versa, it might be something else that’s going to happen or it happens in a way that has less strength, interest, or interference.

      Does this give you a little direction, to explore you chart further?

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