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The Sun & Moon and the 7th House in Synastry (Plus Me & David Bowie Celebrity Synastry Reading!)

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(It’s another LONG one.  I think it’s VirgoVault time again! LOL)

Recently I wrote about the Ascendant and the 7th house, in synastry. I want to briefly mention the other two important players — the Sun and the Moon.

The Sun represents self, life force, what you create, how you lead yourself, your ego, your energy, your personality, the day time, the true you! — the 5th house.

The Moon represents the tribe, emotions, feelings, needs, instincts, memories, how you get comfortable, what makes you uncomfortable, sleep, food — the 4th house.

Wherever another person’s Sun deposits itself, it illuminates those house themes for you. So if you have Taurus on the 7th house cusp and you connect with a Taurus, they’ll be illuminating your house of partners and shining a light on your partnership interests. But they’ll also be illuminating your shadow and projected side so you may find that uncomfortable and distasteful to deal with.

But if you have the North Node in your 7th, meeting with your reflection may be exactly what you need to progress in life.  (Again, this article will not give you everything I can give you in a private consultation. I am scraping the surface with these posts).

Wherever another person’s Moon deposits itself, it provides memories of ‘home baked cookies’ and feelings. So if you have Taurus on the 7th house cusp and you connect with someone with a Taurus Moon, they’ll remind you of what makes you comfortable and content in a partnership.

I have Cancer on the DC.  I tend to be overly nurturing, family oriented, and will take care of my partner when they’re sick and not feeling well.  But guess what?! I want that too.  I want to be babied now and then. I love my partner being domestic and cooking, especially when I’ve been so fierce and active with my Leo Sun-Mars conjunction and busy at work with my Capricorn rising.  I need to rest now and then and the Cancer Moon (and Leo Moon too – see further down the post) does an especially good job of doing that for me. But again, because it’s the 7th house of projections I may think the Moon, deposited in my 7th house or vice versa, is too dependent and needy when in reality (if nothing else) I am too! Ha! The 7th house burn. LOL

Depending on whether you want a stimulating or restful relationship, you may be more attracted to the Sun or the Moon of your DC (7th house cusp).  Alternatively or equally, it may be the Sun or Moon that’s attracted to your 7th house cusp.

David Bowie (one of my favorite performers / artists) is  a Capricorn Sun, Leo Moon, and Aquarius rising with Leo on the DC  with Leo Moon-Pluto conjunction and Virgo sign inside.  I’m a Leo Sun, Virgo Moon, Capricorn rising with Cancer on the DC and Leo inside (Sun-Mars).  David’s Moon-Pluto Conjunction falls in my 7th house!! :-) And my Sun & Moon-Pluto conjunction falls in his 7th house (he’s got a HUGE 7th house).   I’m definitely attracted to his style when I’ve watched his interviews and videos as well as connected on a visceral level to the lyrics of the songs he’s wrote.  Too bad I’m not a huge celebrity star or I think we’d get on famously (with a few fights because he’d probably be so parental! — Rest of the chart folks!!) LOL

I’m generally not attracted (relationship-wise) to Cancer Sun’s (never dated one!) but I AM Very attracted to Cancer Moon’s.  Perhaps ‘attracted’ is not even a good word when it comes to  the Moon — I think I’d use that for the Sun.  With the Moon, I feel ‘at home’.  I feel ‘safe’.  I feel that my ‘needs’ are being met, and that person understands just what I need to feel comfortable. They can feel me out.

I looked over my synastry  of serious relationships and I noticed that…

I’ve also been very attracted to Leo (see David Bowie again) and Virgo Moon’s.  Leo is also in my 7th house and Virgo is almost in there too (plus I have a Virgo Moon as well). I’ve also been attracted to Libra and Scorpio Moon’s but often nothing extra-serious and or eternally bonding came of those relationships.  But I’ve never been in a serious relationship with a Cancer or a Leo Sun even!

I also found it exceedingly difficult to get over Leo and Cancer Moon exes.  It was like a piece of me went with them and melancholy memories persist but have greatly faded, thankfully. Whereas the Libra, and Virgo Moon’s became good long term friends (one of them 20+ years).  But I couldn’t remain friends with the Cancer and Leo Moons.  I think I understand why now!! Oh, how I Love astrology.

Questions to you, dear readers…

  1. What’s your Sun, Moon, Ascendant?
  2. What’s your 7th house cusp and what’s in your 7th house?  Does the house have another sign in it?
  3. Which Sun, Moon, and Ascendant sign attracts you the most?

As can be seen, the business of synastry (or finding your perfect match) is a complicated matter.  Because even if you knew who your perfect fit was, you’d a) have to be exposed to that person, b) be their perfect fit, and c) know what their birth chart was — needle in a haystack! LOL

But it’s not the end of the world… we  can cut ourselves some slack…

You may not find a  powerful ‘conjunction’ to your DC like Moon Conjunct DC but Moon Trine or Sextile DC would work as well.  So for myself, a Virgo or Taurus Moon, deposited into my 7th house, is a good fit as well. And if you’re into the Sun in the 7th energy (synastry-wise), you’ve got Sun Sextile or Trine DC to work with too!

And do remember that this is a part, and not the whole chart.  The whole chart MUST be read for accuracy and clarity. And in the case of synastry, also each individual’s natal chart — so at least three charts are being read (and that doesn’t even include the progressed charts, which are very important as time goes on in the relationship.).


1. What’s your Sun, Moon, Ascendant?

2. What’s your 7th house cusp and what’s in your 7th house?  Does the house have another sign in it?

3. Which Sun, Moon, and Ascendant sign attracts you the most? Who have you dated?  Who couldn’t you get over very easily? Who couldn’t you wait to cut loose?


Let me provide some insights in your own life. And if you are interested in learning astrology, numerology, or tarot from a Jupiter-Uranus Libra in the 9th teacher, I'd love to be your guide.

14 Responses to The Sun & Moon and the 7th House in Synastry (Plus Me & David Bowie Celebrity Synastry Reading!)

  1. 1. What’s your Sun, Moon, Ascendant?
    Sun and Moon: Aquarius
    ASC: Libra

    2. What’s your 7th house cusp and what’s in your 7th house?  Does the house have another sign in it?

    My 7th house cusp is Aries, and both Venus and Jupiter are in that house (though I’m NOT lucky in love at all). How do you mean “another sign”? Is that like an intercepted house? Because I don’t think I have one of those!

    3. Which Sun, Moon, and Ascendant sign attracts you the most? Who have you
    dated?  Who couldn’t you get over very easily? Who couldn’t you wait to cut loose?

    I don’t know what I’m attracted to the most, astrologically, unfortunately because I rarely ask people for their whole chart – I normally just get a sun sign! And I only know the sign of a few people who I really liked and would have liked to have dated had they been attracted to me and one sign for someone who was an asshole to me.

    So, for the girl, she was a Cancer Sun and for the boy, he was a Gemini Sun (this was in high school- both rejected me). In college, I had a brief crush on my good friend; she’s a Scorpio sun. The one girl I had a massive crush on my final year of college was a Pisces Sun. And it’s interesting to point out that I had both a physical and emotional attraction to the Water women, versus the fire signs: the flaming asshole I mentioned before was an Aries Sun and another female friend who I was mostly physically attracted to is a Leo Sun.

    But I don’t even really have a lot of water in my chart. I mean, there’s my fourth house, which has stuff in it, and is ruled by the Moon, and with cancer on my Midheaven (with loads of aspects) I guess I get my water that way. And having pluto in the 2nd ruled by Scorpio plays a part too – AND I’ve got my NN in pisces 6th house! So.. maybe I do have more water than not! And it’s interesting, because I do prefer women because I have a deeper attachment to them (water!) but have randomly been attracted to men and it can only be described as intense and fiery (perhaps my Aries DC?).

    I’ve never dated anyone, so I can’t comment on THAT part. And since I’ve had such few, intense, crushes, I haven’t forgotten any of them (though I’d like to forget a few). I couldn’t wait to cut the Aries – and I have for years now! I actually haven’t gotten over the girl I liked my senior year of college. When I went to her FB page to check out her birth date, I felt all my old feelings returning and I’m falling for her all over again! Ugh.

    • Hiya! That’s a nice and juicy post; thanks!  I’ll read it more in depth and respond more cogently when I get back from doing some other work. 

      In the interim, go check out some celebrities you fancy on Astrotheme.  For example, if David Bowie wasn’t a superstar and I wasn’t a humdrum dot on the planet, I’m ‘sure’ we would have hooked up.  Even his wife, Iman, is a Leo Sun! :D

      Oh and yes, either intercepted sign or a bit of a cross over. Unless you’re using whole signs, you’ll usually see a bit of cross over. I use Placidus when talking about stuff in my blog. So if you see another sign (beyond the one that’s on the cusp, you have another sign inside the house. An intercepted sign means that that sign will not show up on ANY cusp!

      Back later! xx

    • Hope you’re doing well.  Read your whole post and waiting for your reply before I dive in.

      • Oh hey!! Do you mean like a general reply? I actually went to the Astrotheme site and I like Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I had no idea he was an Aquarius Sun like me. I thought I was a good match for Keanu Reeves – in my mind – but we didn’t look too compatible from his placements (not that I’m an expert in synastry :3 ).

        Feel free to dive in! haha 

        • So how did the DC work out with them?
          Do either of you have the Moon in either of your 7th houses and if not, what’s in there on the 7th house cusp?

          • ” So how did the DC work out with them?”

            By DC do you mean my own, or theirs (because I don’t anyone’s astrological information but my own. Except the Sun sign I mentioned earlier). In terms of my own, I have Aries, which I think makes me more assertive in my pursuing of people (ie: I tend to confess or want to confess my feelings as soon as possible – this might also be attributed to the fact that I also have no idea how to flirt. Which is interesting because I’ve read/heard mostly from anecdotes that Aquarius Sun signs are supposed to be flirtatious – but I’m not!). But generally, my approach doesn’t work and leads to rejection in all instances.

            In my 7th house cusp. Like I said, I sadly don’t know anyone’s astrological information but my own! How horrific this is – we can’t even get a clear picture of what was going on. But alas! : [

          • Astrotheme will show you the DC of the celebrities you mentioned.  For example, Keanu Reeves, low and behold has ARIES on the DC!! LOL … Cool… His DC lands in your DC.  His Moon; however, is Cancer.  You have that in the 10th house, yes?!

            Since there’s no time of birth for Joseph, we don’t know what’s on his DC but we do know that he has a Leo Moon. :-)

            I think the most flirtatious is Leo (smile) and with Aquarius being its polar opposite, it makes sense that Aquarius would too ‘once’ they own their polar opposite of Leo!! :D

            We can get a clear picture by looking at celebrities.  Like I’m totally hot for David Bowie and astrologically, there’s a reason why! Humana humana… Roar… would love me some Bowie Wowie.  LOL

            Who else do you find ‘sexy’ or that you could see yourself married to, given the chance — celebrities, I mean! :)

          • Hah! I sighed into astrotheme and when I did a compatibility chart
            between me and Keanu – it said we’re not compatible! Well, that was
            essentially the statement. Incidentally enough, me and Zac Efron are
            really compatible!! Practically an ideal match!! Hah. And he’s only a year older than me, which I honestly prefer. Even though they’re only celeb crushes and loads of older celeb men are good-looking, my fantasies are hardly sexual. They’re mostly me having fun with them or fawning over them and their career.

            It’s interesting; by and large, I don’t have great sexual feelings for male celebrities (or female for that matter). I mostly become attracted to those who I think do really well in their careers. Like, I never liked Zac Efron because I didn’t like High School Musical but I really enjoyed his performance in 17 Again, and started to really like him. But now he’s doing all these romantic movies that are overly sappy – which I rather loathe – so I’m wavering! Heh.

            So I think it’s interesting that most of my sexual feelings are for other people (though rarely – I’m not attracted to people very often) or for purely fictional characters like those in animation shows (but never books) or maybe comics.   


          •  Where does Zac’s Aries fall in your chart?

          • Well, in Zac’s chart, his Aries is in his 6th house, so for me that’s my Pisces. (And then his Mars in his Libra (12th house) – which is my Rising). Oh squee: both of us have Chiron in Gemini, but his Gemini is in the 8th. :D

          • What’s his Moon sign?! Re: the topic of this post.  Sun and Moon in the DC and who you are attracted to for commitment purposes. Does he have Aries close to or on his 7th?! See the pattern here?  You have Aries on the 7th and who you’re attracted to has it on the 7th or nearby. :-) Neat.

          • His Moon is in Virgo 11th house. Well, yes – his aries is in his 6th house which is pretty close to the 7th! haha. That’s so interesting. ZAC AND I SHOULD MEET IN REAL LIFE!! 

          • That’s what I say about David Bowie but unlikely to happen, given his stature and I might even get disappointed — who knows?!

            Do you have a Venus-Saturn Square or Opposition with Zac?  I find that often shows up in synastry with celeb’s we crush on. :-)

  2. Rosanna says:

    1. What’s your Sun, Moon, Ascendant?
    Aries Sun
    Gemini Moon
    Scorpio Rising

    2. What’s your 7th house cusp and what’s in your 7th house?  

    Does the house have another sign in it?

    3. Which Sun, Moon, and Ascendant sign attracts you the most? 
    For friendships, DEFINITELY Gemini Sun and Scorpio Sun. Also Capricorn Moon (I have Mars in Capricorn) and Leo Moon (I have Leo in Midheaven).

    Who have you dated?  
    Long term: Libra Moon.
    Short term: Aries Moon.

    Who couldn’t you get over very easily? 
    A Scorpio Sun with Capricorn Moon.
    Feeling of fatedness with Taurus Moon (multiple times) and few Taurus Sun.

    Who couldn’t you wait to cut loose?
    Aquarius Moon 

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