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Natal Aspects: Saturn Opposition Neptune

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I have Saturn Opposition Neptune with a Saturn ruled chart and Pisces North Node. My Neptune is in the 10th house.

I definitely the mixed up product of my parents.

Here’s some of my experiences with this aspect from one angle:

My Saturn Side

In the 4th house.

My Dad’s a Capricorn / Aquarius.

He owned his own business in recycling and was a typical Cappy / Aqua.

When I was younger (before 30) I was largely a conservative business person, who couldn’t understand how artists and writers could be given grants.  It seemed like such a scam to me. And while I was interested in art, I didn’t see it as something I could make a living at so I took business, accounting, and marketing instead!

I lived the corporate norm life.  Had a car, stocks, bonds, a healthy savings account, and I had plans to buy my own home.

Being a hard core skeptic, I didn’t believe anything unless I tested it for myself.  Like many skeptics, I visited a psychic but either tested them or didn’t quite believe them.

I thought I was adopted because my Piscean hippy artist Mamma kept talking about some pretty trippy things.

When I was seven, we were having a lovely summer walk and she was almost ready to go back west (she was in for a visit, parents separated when I was young –  my 4th/10th S-O-N axis also indicates that).  She said to me a few things, one was that I was an Indian Princess (I’m part Mi’kmaq) and the other was this:

If you ever need me, I’m in the palm of your hands.

She was speaking in a language that I would understand at that age.  She was basically saying that we are are tied by energy and that her and I had a clairsentient connection.

I loved my Mom, and was sad for her to be leaving but I always thought she was a little freaky!

My Neptune Side

In the 10th house.

As my 30th approached, I noticed my desire to unleash my creative side and meet creative people.  That’s when I hooked up with my first close artist friend (ie someone who openly and actively shared their artistry with me), who became my boyfriend (a Taurus).  I was very pleased because I felt I was on my way to becoming whole and that I denied this part of myself for too long  I didn’t know how to be an artist at the time so the next best thing was being with an artist.

The Taurus helped me blossom into my Neptunian side.  I had enjoyed singing as a child and been in the choir, but he was the first adult I had sung in front of.  I remember nervously squeaky out some sounds and he was completely encouraging.  He left me at his place to play around with his studio equipment and those were great memories!  He also did some collaborative art with me and helped me have a softer edge.  I drew a lot of flowers that year and I drew my first awesome flower with his encouragement and soft non-teaching skills.

Around this time I learned more about my ancestry, and that I come from a line of tea leaf and tarot readers; however, no one had done it for money nor told me about it until they saw me start practicing it (they started showing me their psychic paraphernalia and I was shocked but then again, I was standoffish in my youth about all that mumbo jumbo stuff so I’m sure they didn’t feel comfortable sharing it with me ;-).

While one’s Saturn Return often suggests a sense of becoming mature, settled, a full sized adult — I had already been mature so it was time for me to cut loose.  So during my Saturn Return I quit my day-job and began the journey of becoming a self-employed person.

It was important that I took on something that wouldn’t limit my freedom and ability to be non-scheduled —  a complete departure from my Saturnian days as I was tired with the rat race. I decided web design would work.  Then that didn’t. Then I fell into becoming a professional psychic and now I’m moving into finding my place in the art world and becoming the artist I’ve always been. I’ve also become a believer!

The Opposition

The opposition is about extremes and bouts (versus, vs).  It’s about the see-saw effect, back and forth, difficulty seeing the other side, and experiencing challenges in balance.

Saturn Opposition Neptune

The Saturn Opposition Neptune aspect is a vacillation between skeptic vs. believer, logic vs. intuition, left brain vs. right, conservative vs. liberal, realism vs. idealism, facts vs. feelings, religion vs. spirituality, distrust vs. trust, responsible vs. irresponsible, concrete vs. nebulous, practical vs. impractical, real vs. dreamy, etc.


I have been on a journey of demystifying occult knowledge and making it more comfortable for every day folk to take in. I’m reintegrating myself into the land of the norms.  There are earthly things I desire and Neptune can not provide that. I’m looking at educational options to take a degree in fine art. I don’t trust people as easily as I used to and I don’t distrust them as easily as I used to either.  I understand people lie to themselves and that I have believed in those I shouldn’t have while not believing in those I should have.

I get and understand both sides of life, and I’m trying to find the happy medium between both ways of being — not too dry, and not too wet. Not too distrusting and not too trusting.  I’m providing people with services that are familiar to them and one’s they feel safe using, while guiding them into a magical and delightful experience they can lose themselves in for a time.

It does feel odd being 40 something and just coming into my own.  It feels like I’m 10 years late, but I’m arriving, blossoming and that’s what’s important for me to remember.

Saturn Opposition Neptune is an aspect that takes time to resolve itself when on auto-pilot.  The native may need to spend a lot of time on the far side of either end of the spectrum before they can understand what the middle path looks like.  However, with support and direction of an astrologer (like myself) or other social service professionals, the native can speed up the period of time it takes to experience both sides so they may find the midpoint — that balance that will give them the wholeness they seek and deserve to have.

I’m turning my Saturn Opposition Neptune into Saturn CONJUNCT Neptune in all things — business, career, relationships, and everyday living!

Wishing you all well!


Let me provide some insights in your own life. And if you are interested in learning astrology, numerology, or tarot from a Jupiter-Uranus Libra in the 9th teacher, I'd love to be your guide.

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  1. I really liked this post because I love to learn about people’s individual aspects – well, specifically other astrologers. Maybe it’s because I’m super curious about everyone – I eavesdrop on people’s conversations like on the bus or in public. I’m fascinated by people’s inner-worlds. Additionally, I tend to understand myself through other people (I think I read about an aspect for this but forgot what it was – which is how I figured out it was a “me” thing and that perhaps not everyone does it).

    In some ways we’re really similar and in other ways we’re so different! When I was younger, I believed in mystical things – mostly vampires and unicorns. That was my reasoning for why there has to be “more” out there BECAUSE DRAGONS ARE REAL. Even now, I – at the very least – acknowledge the potential for existence in various spiritual paths. Even if I don’t personally experience, Luciferianism, for example, that doesn’t mean it isn’t real. This is part of the reason why I find militant atheism so frustrating – you can’t say something isn’t real simply because it’s not part of your personal reality.

    I’ve never been much of a skeptic, which has actually made me really gullible and naive. Perhaps it’s my Libra ASC – which I perceive as more peace loving – but I always assume that people are being truthful, and honest. This isn’t always the case, and it takes me by surprise when people aren’t that way at all. So I always admire skeptics because I often wonder what it’s like to be one!

    And I just checked my chart, and I have Saturn Conj. Neptune >:D But then I remembered that you have Venus Trine Saturn and I’m back to being sad again! >:]


    • Are most of your planets above the horizon and to the west? (7-10th houses)? If that’s the case, we tend to learn about ourselves through others — especially as it relates to those house where are planets are.

      …You can’t say something isn’t real simply because it’s not part of your personal reality. LOVE this statement.

      Neptune is connected to gullibility and naivety.  With my Sa-Ne aspect — I’ve been that way, sometimes.  The problem is that people can think I am that way, all the time. Now I’m trying to balance it out but it often requires me communication certain things to get the message across.

      We can’t predict an oppositions too much.  Opposition people are quite unpredictable!!

      So look to wherever Neptune touches something in your chart and, disharmoniously — like an opposition, square, etc.

      Remember that conjunctions can be difficult too.  It can be powerfully bad or powerfully good.  It doesn’t sway like the opposition but it doesn’t mean they are bad and when it involves a malefic like Saturn, there are still challenges.  But in my case a conscious conjuncition is better than the opposition .  Everyone needs something different.

      With your conjunction, it seems as if you’ve been good with how you view the world and how the world views you. I haven’t.  It’s caused a lot of problems!

      My trine means, amongst other things, that I’m happy in long term relationships.  I don’t get bored with them and the love stays alive.  I’m a loyal friend, and I can make money from art (with ease), etc.

      But it also means love is hard for me, I go through tests, and the art I sell can’t be only of MY creation (for a few examples) — I have to appeal to the public (which I’m good with, thankfully though my Venus Conjunct Uranus would say otherwise! Haha).

      Saturn’s a malefic — no easy ride!

      Thanks for sharing your interesting personal story.  It’s nice to know some personal life details as it brings ‘you’ to life. :D

      • Actually, no. I have a bowl chart, and everything is settled at the bottom (houses 2-7). I don’t have anything really above the horizon – unless the 7th house counts and if you’re counting other points like Chiron, the asteroids or Lillith. I tend to look at people and see what issues I have (since I’m a HUGE advocate for projection, and I think about it a lot), and in what way my friends and I are similar. Like, I don’t have any dating history, and have very poor luck in the romance department – and many of my friends are like that too. I don’t have any good/close friends who are getting married any time soon, or having any babies – just like me. And I have a hard time relating to people who have never been through the same struggles or problems as me.

        I actually purchased a book today, by Caroline Myss. I think she’s perhaps the leading authority on energy medicine, working with the chakras and connecting illnesses and dis-ease with the emotional, (inter)personal, mental problems and difficulties we experience. Like, in her book she talks about the common life problems people with heart conditions have, or those with cancer. It’s fascinating, and I really believe in that stuff. I bring this up because you mentioned my view of the world, and I’d certainly love to deepen it, and understand my place in it better.

        And I read through “Astrology for the Soul” which is this massive book that goes into detail about the North Nodes. I love to read over my Pisces section because it’s pretty true to form about my own problems. And one of the things I have to learn is how to connect with the Universe, and let the Universe do what it needs to do, etc.

        Darn you Saturn! Ah okay, this whole time I thought the trine symbolized an ease with obtaining relationships – something I don’t have and have been blaming on my square. Though, I must admit that this particular square (in regards to love/Venus squares) are so exhausting! I’m taking a break from it – or aspiring to – because I don’t know the first thing about attraction, how it works or how you know people like you (or why people don’t like me).


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