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Drawing Art Supplies & New WIP Jaisla Artwork

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I know it’s serious when I buy a portable electric sharpener and electric eraser. LOL #drawing #art

And a happy man!!

Lets do the hustle. 

Help! Look at my wrists doctor.

Check out my balancing act.

Come here honey. *burb*

I’m made of grass man. Puff, the magic dragon!

Okay, let me get real for a moment.  I’m into drawing because I didn’t get over playing with dolls and this is how I can get away with it as an adult. LOL

And here’s some WIP artwork… I think my shading is coming along.  Still not 100% but getting there. :-)


p.s. Saw Picasso at the AGO this morning.  It was really exciting.  I hope to do a celebrity astrology on Pablo while also chatting about the exhibit.



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6 Responses to Drawing Art Supplies & New WIP Jaisla Artwork

  1. I rather like that last photo! I can’t wait to see it colored!!

    Also, I remember going to the Picasso museum in Paris. His work is really interesting! I hope you have fun!! :]

    • Thanks for the feedback on the drawing. I keep calling it ‘photo’ too.  LOL So the fact you just did, is really cool. It is a photo of the drawing but still.. haha

      The last image shows the most shading. Shading really brings stuff to life. It’s a lot of fun!

      I went to Picasso and it was a amazing.  I’m going to do a celebrity reading on him and his artwork.  I wrote up a lot of notes!

      • Yes, I think I liked the shading the most. It definitely brought more life to the image versus the other two. Plus, I like colors! D

        Oh that’ll be so awesome! His work is really interesting. :] 

        • I think I’m getting better at shading.  I’ve been learning over the last couple of months. I can’t wait to create a photo realistic image.  This was just from my mind with no ‘picture’ to look at… I like color too!! I’m planning to do this in blues, purples, and optimistic yellow!

          When I saw the exhibit, I thought Picasso was Martian (ie Aries) but turns out he was Scorpio (traditionally ruled by Mars) so that was neat to find out.  And his MC is Taurus.  Oh, just thinking about doing the reading is exciting and happy-making.  Just a time thing… :-)

          • I remember taking my only art class in high school. I really enjoyed shading with colored pencils the most – it was a lot of fun. I wasn’t particularly good at art, but enjoyed a lot of the mediums that we used! :D Oh! Blue and purple are my favorite colors. I loooove purple. And pink. But mostly purple :D

            Oh that’s exciting. What made you think he was Martian? But the Scorpio thing makes sense because – at least from this movie I saw of him, the one starring Anthony Hopkins (have you seen it?) – he was pretty sensual and intense. Women seemed to be really drawn to him. I remember he used a lot of his mistresses for his portraits right? I remember some blonde girl who was like 18 who he drew….

            Can’t wait to read it! :D 

          • My shading with pencils isn’t so good.  LOL

            That’s next on the drawing board.  I finally finished it but it’s not what I had in mind.  Oh well.  I’ll just do another one and learn from this one. :-)

            Many of Picasso’s work is destructive.  Everything will be in my post about him.  Cheers!!

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