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How Mercury Works in Your Natal Chart

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Hey, what better time to think about how Mercury (and my Mercury) works in a natal chart than during Mercury Rx!

My Sun and Mercury have home signs (Leo and Virgo), so I’m seen as a strong thinker / communicator. It’s my natural talent.And  Aries is on the 3rd so I process information quickly, if I can get it quickly enough. I was considered a scatterbrain (my grade 6 teacher called me that) because I could think faster than I could talk. Yup, I’m a fast speaker and typist.

With a Virgo Mercury (and Aries on the third), I’m a fact hunter. I love the pure truth and knowledge. Combine Aries on the 3rd with Virgo Mercury, and you get an “interrogator” which is similar to (but not exactly like) having Mercury Aries, or Mercury-Mars. Now, from my perspective I’m just trying to get factual information quickly. And if I don’t integrate the Libra side of Aries into the picture, I can appear as pushy or aggressive — hence the “Interrogator” but that’s only if someone has a tendency to look on the negative side of life. My combination, in its neutrality, just says: Wanting to process facts quickly or Fast Facts. And I’ll cut people off from embellishments, and fluffy stuff to get it.

Inside my third house, I only have Chiron. Here are some ways this plays out:

* I’m a fearless communicator for those who can not speak their truth.
* I was wounded about my speech. My grade six teacher calling me scatterbrain.
* I took speech therapy for a lisp (I have a gap tooth) and my father didn’t want me to get surgery to correct it.
* I can wound people with my speech. I’ve been called intellectually dominating, have the ability to cut someone up, and be a hardcore debater. However, I have a high mind (Jupiter & Uranus in Libra) so it’s unlikely I would do that for kicks. I really think I could have been a lawyer.

I have no other celestial objects in Aries, other than Chiron.

Now, I was checking out my friend who has a lot of Aries and Virgo in his chart (including Mercury Aries, and Mars Virgo — he’s really a Mercury-Mars thinker / communicator too) but he doesn’t seem to have any sympathy for my communication challenges. Then again, he’s got Taurus on the 3rd. He likes to take time to process his information (slower talker, thinker)– this, of course, is in direct conflict with his Mercury Aries — who would usually want to process information quickly.

He also has the ability to tear me a new one, but it’s not usually logical or pin pointed enough for me (sorry hun!) so it doesn’t get him far. This makes his Aries (in to win) angry. But thankfully, since he has Taurus on the 3rd it’s similar to Venus-Mercury or Mercury Taurus so he caves and smooths it all over — eventually. ;-)

Going back to my natals, I have Mars in the 7th. My Mercury is colored by Mars so knowing what Mars is doing is very important. It means that I generally have what my partners, associates, and clients may consider “interrogation sessions” — well, my clients would consider it “therapy” ;P. I would rarely (if ever) behave in this way with strangers, people who are not in my inner circle, or people whom I am not trying to help.

If I’m in to win, it’s to win at gaining my own sense of clarity and understanding about a topic.  I love being clear. I love clear thoughts. I love knowing things clearly. I have great difficulty being in the fog, and unknown (Pisces).

I love other people sharing clear thoughts.  I am in respect, and awe at the clarity of other thoughts — when they rarely shine through (excuse my disdain at lack of clarity).  I’m like, “Go you. Sure, I can get behind that”.

I don’t want to sit and process my own thoughts, if your clear thoughts are right in front of me. I’m in for the solution. But I may piggy back off your thoughts, to arrive at new thoughts.  It’s all about learning more, moving forward, and getting to the absolute bottom of things.


What sign is your Mercury in? What sign is on your third house cusp? What rules that sign, and what house does that planet reside in?

(Side-note: It’s also interesting to note that Mercury Rx Pisces is currently conjunct Mars! Astrology, got to love it.)


Let me provide some insights in your own life. And if you are interested in learning astrology, numerology, or tarot from a Jupiter-Uranus Libra in the 9th teacher, I'd love to be your guide.

16 Responses to How Mercury Works in Your Natal Chart

  1. My third house ruler is Jupiter and Jupiter is in its own sign (sag) in second house.

    My daughter like myself has the third house ruler in its own sign as well. With venus ruling third and placed in Libra in the second house.

    So I guess I am assuming she will communicate similar to me however that may be?

    • So Sag on the 3rd, and Jupiter in the 2nd then – yes? :) What sign is your Mercury in? Your daughter’s?

      • mine is in cancer 10th house
        hers is in Sag 4th house :)

        • So following my example (in the post)…

          Mercury is how you think and communicate. With Cancer being the sign, we could say you’re an “emotional and intuitive” thinker. :-) We could also say that you think about being a mom, care-giver, and eating good food.

          With Jupiter in your 2nd, your self esteem is wrapped up and expands through being a Mom. You can also make money at things like Mommy Blogging, because you love to communicate about raising a family. True or false? :-)

          Sag on the 3rd, encourages you to reach out and teach as many people as you can about the joys of motherhood as well as learning from as many people as you can. You have a positive, and abundant way of sharing what you know and think about.

          I’ll come back to do your daughter’s in another post. Need to eat now. :-D

          • yes very true :) I also have cancer sun and mars.

            My daughter has mercury retrograde though. How does that affect communication?

          • I’ll be back in regards to your daughter. Have you considered Mommy blogging? Care to share a bit more, in response to my response? :-)

          • I find being a mum a very personal, unique and individual experience. I find it very interesting and I read a lot of blogs. A few years ago I wrote a few books for children but I never published them, I have moon in gemini in 9th conjunct my MC

          • What I love about astrology and life, in general, is the universal law of: Duplication. There is never just one marker to indicate something important, so it’s less likely to be missed. One astrologer (like myself) may find your ability to write about children topics through your Mercury in Cancer, Sag on the the 3rd and Jupiter in the 2nd — while another astrologer may note the Moon in Gemini (Cancer / Mercury connection again!!) in the 9th (Jupiter / Sag) — see how it all duplicates?! I just LOVE, Love, love ASTROLOGY!!! :D So fascinating. So clear.

  2. Ebonystarr55 says:

    My Mercury’s in Virgo in my 2nd house conjunct my Sun. Libra is on the cusp of my 3rd. Libra’s ruler, Venus, is in my 3rd house conjunct Uranus. My Mercury also trines my Mars in Taurus.

    I try to communicate as precisely as I possibly can. I like the facts and nothing but the facts. Inaccuracy drives me nuts, naturally. lol But I also strive to be as diplomatic as I possibly can when communicating and I like to build consensus if I can.

    • Mercury Virgo, check! Same here. Can’t stand the extras — give me the FACTS. :D

      It still boggles the mind how some people want to pollute their important messages, but maybe they don’t want to be found out. ;P

      Where’s your Venus?
      So part of the story is you’ve got something like Mercury-Mercury-Venus. Strong, balanced communicator who desires lovely conversation.

      • Ebonystarr55 says:

        Yes, I do like to cut to the chase. lol I get kinda of annoyed when people don’t get to their point in a timely fashion….or even worse, don’t have a clearly defined point. lol My Venus is in Libra in the 3rd house.

        • oh my gosh… I don’t know how I missed that. Zooming along here, Aries style… haha…

          So you’ve got double Mercury and Venus energy. Woweewowow.

          I’m long winded, but when I need answers and people (like say a sales person) is going over all the points that (in my mind) don’t really matter — I get annoyed too. Stop beating around the bush, and get that information flowing… hehe

  3. Alvin says:

    My Mercury is in Taurus in my 8th house. Sagittarius is in the 3rd house. Neptune (in Sagittarius) also resides in the 3rd house. Jupiter (also in Sagittarius) is in the 2nd house conjuncting Uranus (in Sagittarius).

    What does this mean?

    Hmm… I love thinking… Sometimes my mind would just go in many directions. Sometimes I would catch myself thinking things that are way off the topic – so far with what I originally thought of… Did I mention that my Sun and Mars are both in Gemini?

    I love to daydream, to imagine things… and I can go on for hours if I’m not careful. Fantasyland for hours! Lol!

    I love discussing things at work, especially if I lead the meeting so that I can pick the brains of people. In addition to their inputs, I want to see how people think, what their motivations are, what needs to be improved, so that I can tell them… Well, it really feels good if I can somehow help people get past their insecurities and weaknesses.

    One of my problems, however, is, I think, the way I study things. I am the impatient type, and I want to learn fast. But a part of me wants to chew things very slowly but surely… Its a constant battle inside me. If impatience wins, then I’ll have a sloppy output at work. If Taurus Mercury wins, then I’ll have a good output, but a delayed one. No matter who wins, I’m dead. Lol!

    I’m not sure how to use Jupiter and Uranus in connection with Mercury… Any ideas?


    • Dear Alvin,

      Being an Aries on the third house cusp, I really like your joyful way in expressing yourself (Sag on the third!!).

      Thank you for expounding upon the topic, and providing the relevant details so I could follow along… :-)

      Do you have an intercepted house?
      Sag is on 2nd AND 3rd house cusps?

      How do you use Jupiter and Uranus, in connection with the analysis of this Mercury? It means that you use a large amount of unusual thinking and intelligence in your work (how you make money). That you’re noted for your brilliance, and that colleagues see you as somewhat of a teacher.

      Add the Sun-Mars (like Aries) conjunction in GEMINI and you’re adding genius to intelligence. You’re not a afraid to assert your opinion, and thoughts. So because of that (and other indicators) you’re probably more extroverted and vocal in your communication.

      Taurus means that you might like to talk about Taurean subjects such as art, gardening, design, sensuality, romance, money, etc… and you do it in a Jupiterian way. Great fun for many around you… Then again, I’m Aries on the third, so I’m going to love the stories and learning (Virgo Mercury)…

      Warm regards,

      • Alvin says:

        I’m not sure what an intercepted house is. Sorry… Haha!

        I never thought that I communicate in a very Sagittarian way (joyful, positive etc). I reread my post above, and well, yeah, it was kind of happy. Lol!

        Well, I don’t think of myself as brilliant. Lol! I think I am far from it. But you know what? My current job involves a “large amount of unusual thinking and intelligence.” – Well, my job forces me (as I’m lazy at times) to think out of the box and deal with huge amount of information at the same time – I didn’t think that I’m using the Jupiter-Uranus pair big time. Well, now I think I am!!!

        I always thought of myself as the serious, introverted type (this is Saturn and Pluto in the first house, I think), and, as people always tell me, I am really the silent type.

        But the way you explained how my Mercury works with respect to my third house and planets, makes me think that I’m not using it to the fullest. Hmm… this is cool, right?

        I think that I am really the Mercurial type – my Sun is in Gemini and Mars (almost exactly conjunct) and my Mercury has no major aspects with the other planets. Well, I read that planets without major aspects with other planets can really run away with the chart. Also, my Mercury is also the only fixed and earth planet, making it a singleton.

        Now, just by looking at these info, I can say that, well, Mercury is very much important to me.

        Thanks so much!

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