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Free Horary Questions by Astrologer: Horary is a Specialized Branch of Astrology

Receive a reading or consultation. I use astrology, tarot, numerology, psychic, and other tools to deliver a simply sensational session.

FREE Horary Questions from a STUDENT of Horary

Horary answers your question. Horary loves answering a yes or no question. However, horary can offer an explanation and detail around your question. Horary can also provide advice. Horary is very rule based. You and I must follow its rules, for an accurate judgement (answer) to occur. And coolest thing ever – it doesn’t require a human being’s birth details!! The birth details are that of the question!

Horary is similar to getting a tarot reading; however, it is a) finite, b) takes more time and effort to answer one question, but then you get a lot more out of it too, and c) the judgement is final – you can only ask your question once – no fooling this oracle!

You’ve really got to be brave and bold to receive a horary answer, because the results are often in-your-face brutal! No Neptunian (tarot) wishy washy, sugar coating (by the way, I love tarot — I wrote a book on it). This is SATURN’s domain! Harsh. Inflexible. Testing. Taunting. Taming. Teaching.

Horary results, as what I find with astrology (in general), are destiny based. So while you might have a small amount of free will — I believe that freewill is finite. If astrology wasn’t destiny based, I think the whole concept of it — would collapse.

As a side note: I took up horary when Urania made a partile conjunction to my natal Urania. Or was that the time she presented me with the situation that would plummet me into horary (I’ll check again later)? The last time she did that, I delved very deeply into natal and synastry astrology. After lamenting over a failed and distressing life event — Tweeter, LouiseOfArabia suggested that I do a horary reading; thank you. But I knew NOTHING about how to read with horary, and frankly it seemed like a daunting and timely endeavor (it is) that I never seemed to make time or energy for. Well, as with what happened last time — I was plunged into it. Of note, I finished my major studies of horary as I began them — on the Moon in Gemini around 18° — which is the Moon & ° of the native of said life event. And it is a full Moon, tomorrow. Ha! Everything happens for a reason. No coincidences in astrology or life! Just can’t make this stuff up!!

And in both cases, it helped me find closure to the distressing events! Go Astrology!!!! :D And *bow* to the cosmos.


Please excuse my Saturn

  • While I’m a professional astrologer, I’m a student of Horary. As of December 16, 2013 (Almost full Moon Gemini, now @ 18°53’28” – declination 19°33’07” *)- I’ve spent the last two months, over 200 charts, and over 400 hours studying horary. It is NOT simple or easy – at least not for me. It’s very Saturnian, and rule based. Not a lot of winging it, is accepted or helpful. Horary is traditional (Saturn) astrology, and not the modern (Uranus) kind, that I usually practice. I will likely make mistakes. Take my judgement with a grain of salt. If you don’t like the judgement, ignore it. If you want your question handled professionally, consult an expert.
  • Currently, I’m answering questions about lost inanimate objects and love. My professional practice is focused on love, in general. I have a fully aspected Venus (except for Mercury — because I need to be Aries there!! :D Aries is on my 3rd house cusp, but Mercury is in Virgo conjunct SN and in the 8th)
  • I will choose the questions I want to answer. Just because you left a comment (with your question), doesn’t mean you’ll get an answer to your question. Don’t attempt to appeal to my emotions. I will close the FREE option, whenever I desire to do so (and likely without warning). Eventually I will charge for this service, and eventually it will be a lot (understandably).
  • The chart may not be readable. I reserve the right not to offer an explanation for it — no time.
  • I reserve the right to refuse your question, and not offer an explanation for it — no time.
  • I will use a number of different horary methods. I reserve the right not to tell you which one, or how I’ve arrived at a yes or no answer. Again, it usually comes down to time. So while you might see me explaining one chart, I may not explain another. I’m kind of flakey like that.
  • If I post the chart, I’m happy for ANYONE to offer a horary comment on it. If it’s a negative comment about my judgement, do have some respect for yourself and consider how your criticism is coming across to me and others.

What do I need to do to get this free horary reading with Abella, so that it’s as accurate as possible?

  1. You must contact me (regarding this horary question) ONLY on my blog, in a comment (associated with this blog post). Not on Twitter, Facebook, email, or anywhere else. I may allow location to be privately messaged. ASK.
  2. There is an option to do the horary, when the astrologer comes to understand the question (and base the birth details on that — but I’m not there yet! :)
  3. This must be YOUR question — not about someone else. It can not be a question you’ve asked horary before. You’ve got ONE shot at your question. Form it well.
  4. The birth details of the question: Month, day, year, location, time when you came to understand your question clearly.
  5. Some background information surrounding your question.
  6. Patience and gratitude.  Do provide a follow-up to the horary judgement given.


What is gratitude? Gratitude is showing appreciation, and acknowledging help given — through tangible actions. I’m BIG on giving and receiving gratitude! And it inspires me to keep giving, for free. Part of the word gratitude is Gratis, meaning free or without charge. I’m BIG on people having an attitude of freely giving (without thought on what they get in return) if that is not their default pattern, or if they think they have nothing to give (you do, by the way — stock up on some self-esteem as it’s good for you and everyone around you). I can’t tell you how much I despise takers, really. Can’t. I’m the exact, extreme opposite. I’ve got Sagittarius on my 12th, with Jupiter Libra in the 9th. Though I’ve been learning to take more (…especially considering most people are takers. So this is a positive approach to that). Neither extremes are good, in my opinion.

Gratitude balances things out. I give. You take. You give. I take.

How can you show me your gratitude? Promote my work, websites, blog. Add me to your Twitter list. Join my Facebook page. Provide reviews. Retweet. Share. Etc. Recommend me to friends, followers, clients, and wallowers (it rhymed, so i had to but it’s not even a word, I think! LOL). Purchase an astrology session (Because you’re worth it, and because I’m worth it). Engage me. Share with me. Care about me.

These are just a spattering of ways you can show your gratitude.

I help people, for free, even though I do this professionally (for a living, a scant living — at that). I help people, for free, because I want you to benefit from my experience and wisdom. I help people. for free, because those of us that can’t afford — should get the help, so they can. I help people, for free, because I love sharing. I help people, for free, because they’ve helped me.


It may seem like I have a lot of time on my hands, but I don’t.  I multi-task, and I really ought to spend more time on making money. Oh Saturn in Taurus, say it ain’t so?! I dream of having a personal assistant, no kidding! Oh, and I’m popular! Wonder why. Oh, I’m really generous with my time and wisdom and I’m usually quite friendly, sociable, and approachable (unless a line has been crossed!). That’d do it! LOL – Also see Sagittarius on the 11th, with Jupiter Libra in the 9th. You’re not the only one in my world — there are hundreds upon hundreds, at least! hehe Many of whom do attempt to have a one-on-one private connection and often inappropriately. Consider THAT! ;P

So, please know that it might take some time to provide a judgement, if I’ve offered one. I’m happy though for kindly reminders, after an appropriate length of time has gone by. :D Note: Less is more, to too-busy people. I am more (writing), but you need to be less (writing) or I will get overwhelmed and tune out! ;P

Horary Questions

Choose only ONE question, from below (remember that I might not answer it). I’m currently only answering questions on the topics below. You can copy and paste the question in your comment, along with the birth (of the question) and background details., Remember, less is more. Keep your writing tight, and clear. Don’t make me think too much. My head is full enough! LOL


  1. Make sure your question is important and meaningful to you.
  2. Don’t ask something you’ve already pondered too much (you already have an idea about the outcome), or not enough (too early to tell).
  3. Provide some detail, to put your question into context or for me to watch out for related “strictures” — things I need to consider or not consider, depending upon the background of your question.

For love horaries, you can add your zodiac sun signs — if you like, but it’s unnecessary.

Lost Objects Horary:

Tell me what X is, and how long it’s been missing.

  • Where is X? (X is the lost inanimate object)

Love Horary:

You don’t need to tell me who X is though an initial or initials would be nice. My preference is for questions that will have a known outcome over the next couple of weeks. Why? Because I would like to know if my judgement was accurate or not. Remember, I’m a student of horary. :D

  • Will X come back, by (include date)?
  • Will I see X again, by X (include date)?
  • Is X cheating on me?
  • Did X cheat on me?
  • Does X love me?
  • Will X & I be friends?
  • Will X and I marry?
  • Will X and I have a relationship?
  • Will X and I divorce?
  • Will I have a relationship by (include date)?
  • Will I find love in the next (insert number of weeks, months)?
  • Will X call me by (include date)?
  • Will my partner be rich?
  • Is X dating someone else me?
  • What does X think about?
  • What does X feel for me?
  • Is X thinking about me?
  • Will X like my letter, email, phone message (insert communication type)?
  • Is my relationship with X, over?
  • Is X the right person for me?
  • Does X want me back?
  • Will X and I have sex (sex again)?
  • Does X miss me?
  • What is the outcome of dating X?
  • What will my next romantic partner be like, look like?


Do what you will.

Day of Moon, hour of Jupiter – Sun in 8th house


Let me provide some insights in your own life. And if you are interested in learning astrology, numerology, or tarot from a Jupiter-Uranus Libra in the 9th teacher, I'd love to be your guide.

68 Responses to Free Horary Questions by Astrologer: Horary is a Specialized Branch of Astrology

  1. Paula says:

    Hi. May I ask a horary question? Will P contact me by Jan 16th, 2014? He was my lover but we got into a huge fight and haven’t talked to eachother in almost two months.
    16 Dec. 2013, 3:47 pm, Southampton ont Canada


    • Hello. What are your zodiac Sun signs?

      Also, your fight occurred during Mercury Rx, and we experienced Venus conjunct Pluto shortly thereafter. Thankfully, Mercury Rx is now over and the conjunction has separated.

      • Paula says:

        Thanks so much.
        I am scorpio/sag cusp and his is aries (near pisces cusp)

        • As I suspected — regarding one of you having Scorpio as a lot of Scorpio planets were circulating around that time, followed by the eclipse. And Aries is ruled by Mars as well. ;-) Tempers were flaring and flying.

          I’m working on your horary now.

          • Horary chart: Gemini AC — communication issue.

            I get a sense that you are at a distance from each other (geographically). Yes, or no?

            Jupiter is Rx (what signifies him). Your signifier is Mercury. Your Mercury is in the 7th house. You definately like him a lot. Your co-significator is in your 1st house. This shows you being quite emotional about the subject but it also shows he likes you. The liking is reconfirmed by a mixed reception (Ruler-Term).

            It’s okay if you don’t understand anything I’m saying.
            LOL… Just focus on the parts that you do. :-D

            You are stronger than him, and putting more effort into this. He is also thinking about himself, and his needs (sexual!!) — Aries!! ;P He is also focused on his work. Is he looking for work?

            Was the fight about commitment — making, or breaking one? Was a male friend part of what you fought about? As well as your independence? Control and power issues? Does he find you mentally difficult? A mental prowess, that upsets him?

            It seems that he wants to contact you, but he is holding back. He is feeling delayed. But with Venus Rx coming up, he will find it harder to resist contacting you. Have you been contacting him? If you have, he’s been reading it but has been pretending that he hasn’t.

            The break shows as sudden, and shocking. It could have affected your self-esteem poorly and his man-hood. You may have wondered how you could be so obsessed over this man? Well, the answer to that is: the transit of Venus conjunct Pluto! LOL and your own natal disposition enhancing that as well as it being a karmic connection.

            He is likely to contact you – Yes!
            The contact is likely to take place in a quiet space – possibly at home or a place where they serve food and/or drink.

            Do be aware that your connection is a “dangerous” one in that emotions run high, and damage goes deep. Be careful of a flare-up first week of February. It could be around sexual activity, or some action taken. I think he’s been wishy washy about his commitment to you. He doesn’t want to settle down. And you don’t want to be just a booty call. You may part ways, shortly after reconnecting. But there’s ways around that, if you’re prepared to call the shots over yourself — very very tough I’ve found, to change course.

            I see being in contact with him in and around January 12th, 2014.

            Do let me know what seems off, and on by what I’ve said?

            Thank you.

          • Paula says:

            Thanks so much. Is it possible to pm you about this?

          • Sure, for now. Could you answer (on here) with just a yes or no: Are you at a geographical distance? and Is he looking for work? For whatever else you want to say, you can hit the “contact me” button to the left and put your comments in “request appointment here”. Thank you. :-)

          • Paula says:

            Yes to distance. No towork….however he owns his own business and is always looking for clients etc

          • Thank you.

            Fellow horary students:

            Distance showed to me as Venus Capricorn in the 9th and on the 6th. Saying to me: It would be a chore and long trek to reach “lover, at a distance”..

            For work. That’s fair. That’s kind of like looking for work. He seems very focused on his business right now. Mars is on his 6th (work) and in his 11th (hopes and dreams, associates, networking). His Sun (in his 1st house and on the 10th) is applying to Mars (in his 11th house). So this shows stress around work. Knowing now that he has a business: He has Moon on the 8th, in his 7th, and Jupiter Rx in the 8th and is his significator. So this reconfirms to me, that he is having trouble with a contract(s).

            The beauty, I’ve found, of horary is that similar to tarot — you can read the same chart (in different ways) by turning the houses (won’t get into explaining this).

            Have you sent your message yet, about the rest?

          • Paula says:

            I did send the rest of the information. I do work in massage and must of my clients are female. I think it would probably be more the place we would meet up.. for a coffee or dune

  2. Alis says:

    Hi I’d love an horary question=) I hope you can answer my question, is more of when will I have a romantic relationship? Hope you can tell me=)! greetings
    16 Dec, 2013 3:17 PM in Campeche Mexico,

    • You will, eventually. hehe
      Provide a time-frame.
      p.s. This reply, does not guarantee I’ll read your question. ;)

      • Alis says:

        Understand:) ok in 6 months?

        • Hello Alis,

          Your significator is Venus. This says to me that you’re ready to have a romantic relationship. :)

          Venus is semi-square Mercury (ruler of your horary 5th house) but separates. This shows a somewhat difficult break-up. Was your last romantic relationship 4 weeks, months, or years ago? You still seem emotional about this relationship.

          Are you interested in someone specific? If you are, the question is not correct and will not give a very good analysis. You have to ask the question that is actually on your mind, as well as provide. I’ll look further once I get this information.


          • Alis says:

            Hi! thank you, i haven’t have a relationship since one year. I like someone but he doesn’t likes me back. Can i ask a question about his feelings for me? Maybe the relationship you mention 4 weeks-moths ago is me, liking him and slowly forget him. Thank you!!=D

          • That’s possible. It’s possible I’m wrong on timing too. There hasn’t been enough time passed, or enough horaries done (though I’ve done over 200… LOL) to verify if timing theories work. Take with a grain of salt. :-)

            Okay, I’ll come back to this question or rather start a new one. You’re ready to have a romantic relationship, but you may not be available (having your thoughts and feelings tied up in this person you like, that doesn’t like you back). Did he tell you he didn’t like you in the same way?

            How about asking any of these questions about the guy you like:

            Is X the right person for me?
            Does X have feelings for me?
            Does X think about me?
            Will X & I be friends?


            What will my next romantic partner be like, look like?

          • Alis says:

            Yes, he told me i’m attractive but he has a girlfriend LOL….anyway……..THANK YOU!! so I just decide to move forward. So i asked what will my next romantic partner be like;look like?
            Thank you again for your time and effort. I hope you keep studying so you can be a master!=D greetings!

          • Yeah, that’s kind of not going to work out. LOL ;P Good plan, regarding moving forward…

            Thank you. You’re sweet for drawing up the chart. We / I use Regiomontanus (house system, instead of Placidus) for horary questions. I’ll take a look later…!

  3. Pebbles says:

    Hi, I too would love an horary question please? Is J the right person for me? Dec 17, 2013 4:56pm Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    • Hello Pebbles, Cute name. Thank you for offering your question to help further my studies. Hope the stars move me to answer this question.

    • Your sign of your significator is at 0°. This shows that it’s too early to ask this question. Moon signifies you, as well as Venus.Moon and Saturn do not receive each other. Venus and Saturn, does; however, there’s minimal common interest to develop the connection further.

      Your significator is in your 7thg house so J is more interested in you, than you’re interested in him. In other words, it seems that you know he is not the right person for him and are asking this question before anything has actually developed between you.

      J is a serious person, and hard worker. He can have destructive tendencies and doesn’t handle crisis well. His love nature is not sweet, and he can be quite emotional in relationships.His personality also seems to be not fully showing itself. He’s hiding something about himself.

      Arabic Parts

      Uranus conjunct Passion — Uranus in the 10th. This shows a sudden passion erupting, publically.

      Ascendent conjunct Bondage and Danger / peril — This shows a lot of emotional distress, on the surface.

      Judgement: It does not appear that J is the right person for you; however, it may be too early to tell.

  4. Paula says:

    After experiences with 2 different horary astrologers I was left disappointed and skeptical of horary. You however have reinstated my faith! Your interpretation was spot on. When I sent you more information in a private message about the situation that I couldn’t post in public, you were able to give me even more in-depth insight and it was competely accurate. I am in complete awe on how much detail you are able to get from a chart. You have made me a believer in horary. Thank you again for all your assistance. I will follow-up with you next month and let you know what happens. I am looking forward to working with you more in the future!

    • Thank you very much Paula for the glowing review. xx
      I’m in awe too — of what one can get out of a horary chart (without birth dates). I think that’s what makes, for me, practicing astrology — so joyful (quite a 5th house experience for me, most days).

      Here’s to hoping the outcome is to your liking, and that the predicted date — arrives. As you know, I’m a student of horary, and because of my limited time doing horaries — all the dates I’ve predicted so far as “coming to pass” — are still in the future. :D

      Look forward to your follow-up.


  5. Monique Dumont says:

    Will I find love in the next 3 months? February 27, 1976 born 12:59AM Nashua, NH

    • Hello Monique, Is that the birth of your question (horary) or your birth date? Please provide the birth of the question (and erase/edit your birth date — if that’s what it is) . :D

      • Monique Dumont says:

        December 19, 2013 3:53PM Boston, MA

        • Normally it’s good to get some background…

          Your significator is Mercury.
          Love is a 5th house question, as long as this isn’t about anyone in particular.
          Venus is on your 5th. So there’s our first Yes!
          Mars and the North node is in the house. Another yes.

          Mercury decile Venus (not a traditional horary aspect).
          Mercury quincunx Moon 2S would suggest there was a separation from a romantic interest in the last 2 weeks, 2 months, or 2 years from the time of the question.

          Mercury doesn’t aspect your 5th house ruler but it does aspect your 7th house ruler of Jupiter.
          So it’s going to be up to you to generate some interest. ;P

          Arabic Parts:
          Moon is conjunct Love in your 2nd house of values, and sensuality. This is a good sign.

          House rulers:
          Your signifier, Mercury, is in the 6th.
          Ruler of the 5th is in the 8th. So there is likely to be romantic love and passion, occurring.

          I’m going to say that with Aries on your 11th, ruled by Mars, Mars in your 5th, and Uranus in the 11th and on your 9th/10th that this may be someone you already know or knew of — a friend, who could turn into a lover. :-D And you may not see them often, or only at work. At in that vein, it could be a co-worker who works in another department or city within the company.

          Let me know how it goes, along with any background information you can supply and if the above judgement holds any current relevance to you.

  6. Angelcake says:

    Will T.E. and I marry? We’ve been together off and on for 13 years. December 19th 2013, 3:22pm (mountain time) Phoenix, Arizona

    He is a Libra, I am a Scorpio.

    Thank you for your time.

    • Hello Angelcake. With a late degree significator — it seems that you’ve already asked this question before, and the outcome is known. Interestingly enough — you’re represented by Venus (Taurus) and he is represented by Mars (Scorpio). ;P

      Venus-Mars Trine 7S indicates your past connection. Was the total time “together”, seven years?

      Mars receives Venus
      But Venus does not receive Mars.
      You are Mars.
      You may be more interested in marrying T.E. than they are in marrying you. Or you may find yourself being the one to hold the relationship together. Remember, I could always be wrong. I’m just a horary student. :)

      The Arabic part, Bondage, is conjunct your ascendant. This says to me that you feel bound to T.E.

      The tentative judgement that seems to appear is that, No, you will not marry T.E. Is he dating someone else? Also, are you living at a distance from one another? Actually are you dating someone else? I’m wondering if both of you are dating other people right now? But I’m pulled to him having more dates.

  7. SweatPea says:

    Will MR and I have a romantic relationship? We have been friends for 30 years, dated off and on since April 2011.
    December 20, 2013, 3:28 am (PST) Newport Beach, CA

    • Hello Sweetpea,

      Saturn showed up in the 1st house. The degree is also via combusta. This means there is more chance for a faulty judgement. Something about the “birth of the question” details may be off (but I don’t think so — it looks pretty clear), the question is not clear (because of emotional distress), or I may not read the chart clearly.

      Your significator is Mars. That means MR is Venus. This helps prove that the chart is radical in that it describes a love relationship (Venus-Mars).

      Venus is trine Mars but is separating by 7°.
      This suggest you having a relationship in the past.

      Because there is a mutual reception — it indicates that you both like each other.

      Mars receives Venus – Ruler-Exalted
      Venus receives Mars – Exalted – Term

      Moon-Sun 3S Quincunx
      Moon-Venus 3S Opposition

      With the Almuten, we do find an applying aspect:
      Mars-Moon Sextile 3A

      Your Mars is in MR’s 5th house. This shows mutual sexual desire. However, Mars is the ruler of his 12th so it shows that he does not express this desire to you.

      His Moon is in your 9th house (his 3rd). This indicates emotional communication, or being confused on what to do. There seem to be a lot of communication from him to you; whereas you don’t seem to be talking as much.

      A romantic connection would come on suddenly, and develop through discussion or traveling together (short or long distance).

      Does any of this resonate with you?

      I think the problem with this question is that you already HAVE had a romantic relationship, and the real question that you want to know isn’t being asked.

      • SweatPea says:

        Yes, we did in the past and currently are not even talking. I guess I was wondering if there was a chance to have a romantic relationship again in the future as he will not communicate with me. Yes, there is strong mutual sexual desire but he recently denied he had any EVER! Hard to deny he has been attracted to me for 30 years. I know the truth and so does everyone.

        However, things have changed since I posted this question, and I had to let go of MR and finally move on. If he truly wanted me, he would have stepped up. We are on two different paths now. I will always love him and our paths will always cross with many mutual friends.

        Thank you!

        • Thank you for the update.

          I’m seeing a trend that Saturn in the first shows a “block” to getting what you want. That the querant (if the horary shows a yes outcome) could get what they want, but they choose not too — often because it’s too hard to go for it. And then, what happens, in place of not following through with what was originally desired — a new opportunity for the querant.

          I’ll be back to comment more on the rest…

          • SweatPea says:

            Hmmm, a new opportunity? As in a new relationship? Interesting…waiting on the sidelines just waiting for me to let go of MR, was a very close friend that stepped up and claimed me. Interestingly, I realized prior to that I was falling for him so was very happy that he told me how he felt. It was the last thing I expected at this time. It turns out, he is even better for me :-)

            SO, new question…will MC and I be happily married?
            January 5, 2014, 3:07 am (PST) Newport Beach, CA

          • SweatPea says:

            Will you be able to comment more?
            I have provided more information below.

  8. TweeterSun says:

    Will I meet the love of my life-the one I marry- in the next 6 months?

  9. TweeterSun says:

    Will I meet the love of my life-the one i marry-in the next 6 months?
    December 20, 2013, 6:56 am (ET) NY, NY

    • Provide background, and re-read post. See examples below… Thank you.

      • TweeterSun says:

        My last major relationship ended in late 2008. From there I was talking with my ex from before that one, who I fell madly in love with, but it has not worked out for us over the last 7 years (it was a friends with benefits sort of thing). He is now with someone else. I recently moved to NY and since have not really met anyone. My love life has essentially been in a slump…I want to know if it turns around soon. Hope that was enough background info–if not, lmi.

        • TweeterSun says:

          Oh, and the reason I am wondering if I meet THE ONE, is because my solar return has a lot of activity in the H5 this year…:p

          • Hello. :) What exactly is in your 5th house and how does it connect to your natal chart? Also, what aspects do your 5th house planets / objects — make?

          • TweeterSun says:

            In my natal I have vertex in H5, and trPluto is hovering over it. In my Solar Return, I have vertex, NN, Sun and Saturn in the 5th. I’m not sure how to see how the SR and Natal connect….

        • Your significator is Jupiter. This shows an optimism and desire to increase your love life.

          The horary chart shows that you’re very keen on meeting the love of your life.

          However, Jupiter and Mercury (your house of marriage) do not aspect. Venus (your co-sig) and Mercury aspect as a decile (not traditional horary).And Moon also does not aspect Mercury. Mercury receives Jupiter (Term, Face to Ruler).

          Judgement: No, I don’t see you meeting your future spouse in the next six months.

          I do see you meeting someone who you do not like as much as they like you. You may barely notice them — at least, not at first. But eventually once you take notice of them; however, they are not likely to turn into anything long term.

          This person I have in mind is single, and serious. It could be someone at work. They might be a Scorpio, Sagittarius, or Capricorn. With Gemini also being a strong possibility. This may also be someone that you met before.

  10. Carla says:

    Will I see Phillip again by february, 2014, at Rio de janeiro, Brazil? December 20, 2013, 2:06pm, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil,

  11. Carla says:

    My ex broke up with me by November 25th. I made some mistakes in dealing with problems, and that was one of the reasons. He is going to travel to Rio with friends, and I have family in Rio and I was born there, so every year I go there. We will be there at the same frame time, from end of January to middle February. Will I see Phillip again by february, 2014, at Rio de janeiro, Brazil? December 20, 2013, 3:03pm, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. Thank you <3

  12. Carla says:

    My ex broke up with me by November 25th. I made some mistakes in dealing with problems, and that was one of the reasons. He is going to travel to Rio with friends, and I have family in Rio and I was born there, so every year I go there. We will be there at the same frame time, from end of January to middle February. Will I see Phillip again by 1st february, 2014, at Rio de janeiro, Brazil? December 20, 2013, 3:03pm, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. Thank you <3

    • Hello Carla, Thank you for your question. I’m sorry to hear of this situation, and I hope it turns out to your satisfaction (in the end).

      This horary chart is definately a dynamic one.

      Your significator is Aries and it’s in 29°. This can mean that you’ve already asked this question before, you already know the answer, or the answer has already been decided upon. It also means that you’re wanting to actively solve this problem.

      The Moon (your co-sig) opposes Venus and it’s separating. This shows the split.

      Mars and Venus aspects by way of a separating trine. This shows a split about a week or two prior to November 25th. Did the fight occur before that time, and then he made it “official” on the 25th?

      While Mars and Venus mutually receive each other (you’re both attracted to each other) there are no applying aspects between these main significators. This would lean towards a no, that you will not see him by February 1.

      The North node is in his house of self. That suggests to me that he currently is single. I get a sense that he was wounded by went happened between the two of you.

      The Sun (his co-sig) shows in your house of long distance travel. The
      Sun square applies to your Mars. The time period is end of the first
      week of February. Could you stay later in Rio, to meet him, for a sexy

      The Moon (one of the most important celestial objects, in horary) is in your 4th house, and his 10th. It’s in nice and warm Leo. It applies to Mars (as a sextile), and is in your 6th (his 12th). There is a possibility of conversation around the topic of sudden, and secret sex with him but not actually going through with it.

      Do you have a brother, that knows of and enjoys the company of your ex?

      Venus (his ruler) is on the cusp of your 10th house. This is a good place for it usually. The Arabic part of marriage is on your Midheaven, and his 4th house. If you meet again, it may seem odd — but there’s a chance that you might get engaged, or speak of marriage — and that he meets your mother or a mother figure.

      My judgement is inclusive; however, I’m leaning on the answer to be No — that you will NOT *see* him by Feb 1. Having said that, there is likely to be some sort of communication during this time period (between the two of you).

      And I do want to remind that I’m a student of horary.
      So take my inclusive judgement, with a grain of salt. :D

      Do answer the questions above, add additional insight, and keep me in touch.

      Warm regards,


      • Carla says:

        Hi Abella! Very interesting! I have asked the question regarding seeing him to myself, lol, and to two tarot card readers. And they told me it would be my decision to get back at him. I will be in Rio until march, so if he contacts me, he is staying there until middle feb. I’m guessing so, I would go talk to him. Yes, we were having troubles the past two weeks where he was very upset and I knew that the split was going to happen, and happened in the 25th as official, No, I have no brother! hehe He already knows my mom and actually blames her for a lot that happened between us.

        What does that mean : The Sun (his co-sig) shows in your house of long distance travel. And def like you said, ” It also means that you’re wanting to actively solve this problem.”, spot on.

        The Sun (his co-sig) shows in your house of long distance travel. The Sun square applies to your Mars. The time period is end of the first week of February.Could you stay later in Rio, to meet him, for a sexy rendezvous? Do you mean that this could be the time frame of him contacting me?

        I think there shoud be some sort of communication due to the fact that most of my clothes are still at his house, and its almost 2 months and he has not sent me anything, even tho he has been telling me its all boxed. Oh well.

        Thank you so much <3 I appreciate it and I think you were very precise =)

  13. Karen Bennett says:

    Will Tony and I stay together, and will our love remain strong this time?

  14. Elliot says:

    Hello, I would like to know where my wedding band is? I can’t find it. 4:05pm. Toronto Dec. 20.

    • Okay. So the question is: Where is my wedding band? :-)
      I’m working on your horary right now…

      What I’ve got so far is: You’ll find it soon! From 2 hours to 2 days — maybe as long as 2 weeks.

      Check with a woman — your mother or a mother figure?
      Could be found in a bedroom (where one sleeps), near heat or electricity — electrical source. Could be found near a child’s item, or a play thing. It may have been put into a box, or container (by a woman) — and is put up high. I don’t think you’ll be too pleased as to where you do end up finding it.

      Please check these areas (above). If it’s not enough — still can’t find it… let me know, and I’ll dig deeper! Cheers…

      Also — do keep me informed when you find it, and where it was found. :D

  15. kassandra says:

    Hello Abella. My boyfriend split up with me on 29/6. We’ve been in a
    long distance relationship for a year and although he had never shown
    any sign of distress and never tried to discuss anything he suddenly
    sent me an email announcing he wants it to end because he cannot handle
    the distance. I tried to cast a chart but it seems like I am too
    emotionally charged to read it, so any help would be much appreciated.
    The question is: will we get back together this summer? I was planning
    to go and see him in a month. London, 2:13 am, 30/6/2014. Thank you

  16. Muriël says:

    Hi Abella, After a few incredible difficult love years my question is: will I find beautiful love this year. Needless to say I need a little love so much :-) July 20th 2014 – 20:27 hr in Uddel, Netherlands.
    I hope you like to take a look at my horary and am curious to your findings!

  17. khldis says:

    Good evening, Abella. After receiving my Ph.D. in Psychology, then divorcing and raising my four boys on my own, I made a decision to take part time teaching positions so that I could be available to the kids and handle the job insecurity and significantly lower pay rate. Today, all but one are pursuing their educations, living on their own, genuinely doing well. I, for the first time, lost my teaching position. Will I obtain a job, any job, within the next two weeks? I formulated this question, which is extremely important to me, on Saturday, August 23, at 1:57 AM, EST. I am a grateful person in general, don’t regret my decision, and will definitely find feasible ways to integrate your work into my social network.
    You have my sincerest thanks,

  18. Molly says:

    Hi, Abella I want to know what WRD thinks of me? It is 2:27 my sign is Pisces and his is Cancer.

  19. Ginger says:

    Hi abella, i see you haven’t been active lately, but taking a wild shot as I’m too desperate. My cat piggy is missing since 29/1/15 morning,dubai uae, where is she & how can I find her or will she find me and when?

    • Hello Ginger, I’m sorry to hear of your lost cat. I just saw your message now. I’m not active on this post anymore. I will look at closing it.Please note (per post) that I don’t do lost objects (people, things) for people I am not closely associated with. I’m sorry.

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