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Jupiter & Uranus Libra in the 9th House

It’s true that travel and education are so important for and to me, yet the best I seem to do so far is ride my bike & read books. Every time I travel, I think of something new.  And when I learn, other ideas spring forward.

Travel and education are stimulating adventures for me.  And while I somewhat kid about the bike and books, I haven’t done the kind of traveling (overseas) and education (getting a degree) that I’d like to do.

I think that’s partly because the way I want to do these things do not fit into the everyday life that I lead.  And having Libra on the 9th means that I like to travel with someone else and learn one-on-one. So it can be seen that long distance travel and higher education is a challenge for me.

But I work around these things…

And if you are ever wondering about my new fangled ideas, Jupiter-Uranus in the 9th are likely the culprits! ;-) Now it’s up to me to continue fine-tuning my Neptune-Saturn aspect and present innovations in a way that is easy to accept and understand while not being too normal, as to not be seen as an innovation.

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TimeBoxing: Virgo, Capricorn, Mars Square Saturn

Awhile ago I was having immense trouble with my Mars Square Saturn aspect and getting stuff done. I was frustrated, overwhelmed, and my work was imbalanced.

No matter what I got done, I felt it wasn’t enough and that stuff was being left out. So I decided, enough was enough, and set out to create solutions for this problem.

Recently I found out, through Leah Whitehorse, that one of the solutions actually has a name and formal process to it. It’s called Timeboxing – a time management technique, can turn a Mars-Saturn, in hard aspect, to a harmonious one.

If you or your client experiences work related frustration, delays, overwork, etc. consider mentioning Timeboxing (if you don’t already).

For myself, I rotate tasks and jobs throughout the month, and I do a variety of things throughout the day without the expectation that I will complete any of them by the end of day. Some I will and some I won’t and that’s okay because I have a “plan”. :D

Note that I have Gemini on my 6th house cusp and variety is essentially within my day-to-day tasks and how I manage my time.

Somehow I get more done, feel more accomplished and relaxed, don’t neglect one thing for another, and feel less frustrated because I’m getting somewhere — I can see the results.

Hope this helps for someone else. Cheers!

Originally published May 4, 2011


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Thanks Nancy Schorr

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Bright Idea: Half-Size Cigarettes

Half-size cigarettes. Idea first conceived in and around July 2004. Since then, seen half-size pop drinks and chocolate bars!! :-) Moral of the story? Half the vice is better?

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Bright Idea: Changing Wall Color or Hangings

Colour has a great impact on our psyche so it would be nice to be able to change a room’s wall color or wall paper, at will. It would also be cool to have pictures that rotate or reverse an image so you’d have a wall hanging that would change to suit your mood, event theme, or guest’s tastes.  Idea first conceived in and around July 2004. I have since seen transit posters ‘rolling’ a new poster in!!

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Original Ideas?

Are there any original ideas? I think not. I think we can modify, add, subtract, and borrow to create something new — that can often appear, original.

My new ideas are either ones downloaded from the collective conscious, universal highway of the mind, or are latent rehashes of something that has occurred before.

From a pure sense, I don’t believe that anyone has an original idea and that every rare idea, made public, was thought of by someone else too — maybe even at the same time so the originality of it is cancelled out.

We’re all connected!

Enjoy cough,cough some of my bright ideas.

Inspired? ©redit

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Bright Ideas: The General Public

“The General Public” would make a great name or title for some product, service, or entertainment piece.

Update on my apparent latent memory (previous post cracked it open aka got the brain storming): Been advised that a number of bands already use this name. What’d I say? Would make a great name for that sort of thing! It’s a bright idea. haha… tweet-on!

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