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Rhyme, Quote, Mantra: This too Shall Pass

April 19, 2012


A good mantra for when things are not going your way and you need to settle your mind. I know I’m not happy with what’s here, but I just need to sit with it and then it’ll be clear. ~ Abella Arthur

TimeBoxing: Virgo, Capricorn, Mars Square Saturn

March 8, 2012


Awhile ago I was having immense trouble with my Mars Square Saturn aspect and getting stuff done. I was frustrated, overwhelmed, and my work was imbalanced. No matter what I got done, I felt it wasn’t enough and that stuff was being left out. So I decided, enough was enough, and set out to create… [Read more…]

Mars Square Saturn: Bucking Authority

March 5, 2012


Mars Square Saturn natally often means “bucking authority”. Saturn is Grandaddy & Mars is the 40 year old ADULT child who wants to go his own way… Originally published January 2011