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Venus Retrograde Themes

Venus Rx…  Often unexpectedly… An ex lover dies, or returns. A woman dies. A friendship ends. Break-up’s and break-in’s occur. Beauty dissolves. Beauty problems. Money comes and goes. Doing your art, again. You lose what you value. Jewelry and women’s clothing goes missing. Being given old jewelry or clothing, of a woman. Venus — The Mayans knew to fear her, and offered her many sacrifices. Venus meant war, death, and destruction. I had a major break with the 2012 Venus Rx in Libra, and I lost someone special during the 2013 retrograde in Capricorn and someone else very important to me, in the 2015 Venus Rx in Leo. And I’ve heard of many break-up’s occurring, for others. This is a time when what one loves, and values is taken away and Venusian things are re-evaluated. This is also a very bad time to start a new relationship, with someone NEW, beauty treatment, financial investment, and so on. But you could also become committed to someone, whom you’ve just been casually dating, up until the retrograde. Venus Rx happens every 1.5 to 2 years. And not everyone will suffer deaths. I did because Venus rx conjunct my ascendant in 2013, while Pluto was also on it, and in 2015 – Venus rx conjunct my Sun-Mars and Pluto was yet again on my ascendant in retrograde motion with the Moon in Scorpio transiting it. Look for anything “Exact”… within a degree, and that means exact on a house cusp or exactly conjuncting a point, planet, or other celestial object to see if there will be any great impact and how it will. So, while everyone will have some Venusian thing taken away or given back to them, their personal natal horoscope describes exactly what that is.

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Sun Conjunct Venus Rx: Venus Transits The Face Of the Sun (Between Earth & The Sun)

June 5,6 2012
Venus Gemini Rx

Numerology / Astrology
5 = Variety, communication, Gemini, Virgo, Mercury
6 = Love, sex, support, Taurus, Libra, Venus
1 = Self, innovation, Aries, Mars

So I figure this transit conjunction shines a light on self-love and having a more supportive relationship with ourselves, learning to communicate better what our needs and boundaries are, and setting out to be better lovers and interdependent beings. And because of that, we are more well-liked and loved.

Because as the old sayings go: You can’t love anyone else, unless you love yourself. But also, no one can love you unless you love YOU.

Sun Conjunct Venus Rx will be in my 5th on the 5th / 6th @ 15-16°, how about you?!

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Mercury Retrograde: April 23, 2012 — We’re out of the zone! *Yay*

I got a ton of business communication (emails) sent off yesterday (the 23rd) and just before packing everything in for the day I wondered how I pulled it off (with joy, even) because for weeks I have been so slow in getting business communication, clearly done.

Well, guess what?! It was the last day of Mercury Rx.  We’re out of the zone folks.

Let the money flow again for self-employed people (Mercury rules trade, and commerce)!

Back to business as usual with little communication misunderstandings.

More about Mercury Rx over at Cafestrology.

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Why clumsiness occurs: A Psychic & Astrological Perspective

One of my clients asked why clumsiness occurs.

My response was that clumsiness, from a psychic perspective, is a result of unexpressed negative impressions.

These negative thoughts are usually about other people or situations that one *feels* should have been, could have been — avoided.

Also, it’s likely these thoughts were about not wanting to take responsibility for one’s actions (blaming someone else) OR not expressing honest feelings. And because these negative feelings and thoughts are not expressed well enough or verbally, it turns into an accident. Clumsiness or accidents become an outward manifestation communicating inner turmoil.

As humans, we have a knack for expressing things no matter what, and these expressions are released in any which way that they can and often for maximum impact.

(Originally published Jun 7, 2009 @ 22:08  with additional modifications, as is below… I think my Mercury Conjunct South Node in the 8th, analytical psychologists hat was on when I came up with this! *grin*)

From an astrology perspective… an afflicted Mars, Aries, or Mars in Aries retrograde along with Uranus, can also cause clumsiness or “accidents” as it’s related to speed, aggression, along with a surprising suddenness via obstacles and imbalance.


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Mercury Rx in Aries

Mercury Rx in Aries (like Mercury Conjunct Mars Rx or Mercury in first house Rx) experiences: Delayed receipt of some mail, reduced trade, communication mishaps, a fall due to water on floor (the sign wasn’t clear enough) — this also could connect to Mars Virgo Rx as they’re in mutual reception, self oriented thoughts that don’t take into account the needs, thoughts, and wishes of others, a lot of excuses, technology not operating as usual.

Most of this isn’t unusual. So pretty much, business as usual for Mercury Rx.

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Meeting New Friends or Lovers During a Retrograde

Any connection begun during a retrograde may only be temporary.  The other possibility is that there will be a re-connection during the next retrograde period as the person reflects the connection, re-connection, or disconnection.  We could say then that any new relationship, friendship, job, etc. that starts during a retrograde will not only end or be on shaky ground during a retrograde but will also be renewed again on the next one because a retrograde forces us to examine, introspect, and judge as per what the planet and sign that it’s retrograding in governs.

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Mars Rx Wisdom

Mars Rx: Whatever house your Mars is in and whichever house Mars rules, is where you need a break. Even if that’s not where Mars Rx is transiting now, your natal Mars will find exhaustion nonetheless if house activities are not limited or re-worked.

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2012 Goals: Weight Loss & Finances

I’ve determined that my goals for 2012 are two-fold and very Mercury-Mars Aries-Virgo. It’s weight loss and financial success. I have worked hard at both and the goal seems ever elusive. I’ll take this retrograde time to find strength and determination ‘within’ – positive self-talk.

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Mercury Rx in Aries with Mars Rx in Virgo

Mercury Rx in Aries with Mars Rx in Virgo asks you and gives you the strength to regain any independence and self-will that you have lost.

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