On March 9th I visited Gifts From the Earth.  I wasn’t feeling grounded and was still getting over my cold.  I gravitated to a Selenite wand, a geometric clear Calcite crystal, a Septarian Nodule with a natural heart shape meshed within the light yellow Calcite, and a Rhodochrosite pendant and necklace.

The Selenite Wand

A customer was talking about having this wand in her bedroom and someone asking her if it was a dildo (haha). She proceeded to say that she never thought of such a thing. The cashier agreed. Funny that, because that’s EXACTLY what I had in mind when I first picked it up. I was like, “Gee, I wonder if this could be used a a dildo”. haha Guess I have a dirty 8th house mind! ;-) And no, I won’t be using it for that purpose. haha


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