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Uranus Square Pluto: Autonomy vs Responsiblity, Rebellion vs. Structure, Individual vs. Society

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Uranus Square Pluto: Autonomy vs Responsibility, Rebellion vs. Structure, Individual vs. Society

I’ve met a lot of people in my life who want to do whatever the hell they want to do, but don’t want to suffer the consequences of bad results, or take responsibility for their desires.

Some (if not all) of these same people seem to also think that they are responsible. I think they mean: Responsible to themselves! Not to those they affect, and they DO affect others. They’re not on an island.

And that’s why society has rules. It has rules for people who have a tendency to think about themselves only. And don’t you feel a little safer because of that enforced civility? Because if we didn’t have it, what would your world look like? And how would you be affected?

In the past, it became normal for me to just be responsible for other people’s actions (because they wouldn’t) so in every job I took on, I ended up being promoted to positions of authority (management and supervision) because of it.

But for the last three to four years, I’ve been seriously rebelling against this. I’m confronting people, and telling them that if they want to do what they want to do — they’ll need to be responsible for its outcome — not me. So yes, you can do what you want to do, but don’t expect me or anyone else (for that matter) to handle the fall-out, should it occur.

As a Capricorn rising, with the planet Saturn in Taurus rising first — I can not understand the behavior of, “I’ll do whatever I damn well please, and take no responsibility for it either” very well.

How does this work? How do you get to do whatever you want, and yet suffer no consequence or refuse to take responsibility yet get the green light? Are you on an island affecting no one else? How is it that any person of authority and responsibility would let the other do whatever they want?

I imagine there are elements of anarchy and discordia (Eris) at play. By the way, my Eris & Chiron in Aries is in my 3rd house, with Aries on the third house cusp.

But I just wonder how an entire society could work with wild humans, on a regular basis. Are there special people, who don’t have to play by the rules? I believe my queries are connected to the Uranus Aries square Pluto Capricorn celestial event we’re experiencing and somehow at a microcosmic level — I’ve found myself being a large part of it.

I’m wondering if harmony and understanding, between rebellion and structure — can occur.

I’m finding for many of the world’s people,  the sentence — Pluto Cap Sq. Uranus Aries — is reading as: Growing pains and tension created, through initiating rebellion, that destroy structures to overthrow authority and governing bodies.

But what if it could also read as:

Overcoming obstacles to radically change social rules, that will provide greater autonomy and freedom for everyONE.

And is there a way to TRINE this sucker? What can we learn from this transit? What are we to learn from this transit? How can we get our needs met, while meeting the needs of others? Both as society, and as an individual?


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3 Responses to Uranus Square Pluto: Autonomy vs Responsiblity, Rebellion vs. Structure, Individual vs. Society

  1. Love, love this blog post!! I have this contact natally but as the conjunction in the second decan ruled by Saturn. I have been asking the same questions and like you have grown extremely tired of being expected to clean up the messes of others that could have been avoided or at least made minimal in the first place.

    The way to “trine this sucker”? Not easy esp when dealing with entrenched, conditioned behavior but it has to start first with individuals “knowing thyself” and having the courage to be that.

    • Right on!! At first, I missed that you had the conjunction, and I was like, “Is she fooling herself?!” LOL… but then re-read and saw you have the conjunction. Girl, you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about then.

      So what’s your take on how this might manifest globally? Like me, you are also HUGE part of of the solution to the problem — on a microcosmic level… with major ripple effects.

      • OMG, there are so many layers to this that I can’t put it all into words. However, I think people globally out side of western countries have always been aware that the way things are, aren’t right and have not been for a very long time. Women, youth and men are rising up to oppression. Especially my (our) generation and younger people. Many of them compared to their Baby Boomers parents and the Boomers’ parents, are realizing they have been sold a pack of lies. They are not afraid to questioning tradition. Not necessarily throwing out the baby with the bath water but really questioning. Then taking what’s good, throwing out what no longer works and improving on that. We can’t expect people to keep going against their inate natures and think that the world is going to be healthy. Not to mention Mama Earth.

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