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Jaisla: Artwork, What the Eyes See & Feel

What the Eyes See, Feel, & Hold Memory

May 8 2012

One Colored Pencil


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Jaisla: Portraiture of a Bus – The Bus!

I did an experiment on the bus today (April 30th) where I let the bus shake my pencil all over the place. Now I’m coloring it in and will then adding a face to it, along the way.

How chicken bus scratch (above) turns into a portraiture of a bus (below).

And yeah, that’s how a bus feels like to me.


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April: Taurus & Aries, Best Month To Start Something New & Invigorate Yourself (New Year!)

It seems like my new year is April.

Year after year it seems I start and revise a lot of things during this month.  I’ll revise websites, start new services, etc. And the proof is in published dates!

For example, I’ve had my Jaisla blog going for a long time but didn’t do much with it or rather I couldn’t get it off the ground and running!

My Welcome post was on April 16th, 2009!!

Then, my first Facebook page related to the topic of Jaisla (which is my artist name, and there’s a special meaning to the name!), was started on April 30th, 2011.   I wonder what I did in April 2010. LOL

And on April 29th, 2012 I formally launched my readings and portraits service!

It took three years for Jaisla to manifest itself.


I <3 life.


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Face Readings & Portraits by Jaisla — Intuitive Art & Rational Face Readings

On April 30th, 2011 I set up a Facebook page for my Intuitive Drawings and Readings which I have now renamed: Jaisla Portraits and Readings. Like my Facebook page! :-)

Anyway, I wrote a note on that day at 4:17am the following:

Had a meditative moment with God earlier today that included a cry-fest.

I came out of that with some ideas to do more of what I love while delighting who I serve. One of my passions is art and drawing for two reasons:

  • To relax and flow, be in touch with the divine within and without;
  • To open others to new ways of seeing things. I also have Venus Conjunct Uranus, Venus Trine Saturn, Venus Semi-square MC, etc..

I realized that I have been taking the MAGIC out of my sessions with being Uranian and Saturnian for the most part — i.e. Practical, Logical, and Mercurial.

Yet when I looked at my 10th house and saw NEPTUNE there and I said, “What are you doing taking Neptune out of your work? Neptune IS your work.”

Neptune is MAGIC. And I want to put more sparkle into my work.

Artistically I favour surrealism, abstract expressionism, dadaism, pop art, cartoon, and minimalism. I tend to steer clear from realism (Saturn) though I enjoy drawing patterns and like a sense of “non messy” in the “messy” structure…

Anyway, I am going to start doing “Intuitive Drawings” as a bonus to the client for every 3 Kitchen Sink Sessions.

Well, I’m calling the portraits a gift. I caught myself saying bonus again and it really isn’t that — it’s a gift, one that I hope you’ll cherish. And I’m doing this with Face Readings now. Also, I LOVE combining realism with fantasy now.

I hadn’t went back to that page and I actually had it unpublished.

The seven ‘likes’ must have been through a search query because I didn’t let anyone know I was doing this.

I just looked at my transits for the 30th, 2011:

Sun Opposition Med.Coeli,
Venus Trine Mars,
Sun in the 4th House
Moon Conjunction Chiron
Moon Square Ascendant
Moon in the 3rd House
Moon Trine Mars
Moon Trine Sun
Moon Opposition Uranus

And the day before I had:

Venus Conjunction Chiron (this crossed over into the 30th!)
Saturn Sextile Mars
Moon Opposition Pluto
Moon Opposition Venus
Moon Trine Neptune

Today, I had:

Sun in the 4th House
Moon Square Med.Coeli
Moon Conjunction Mars
Moon Conjunction Sun
Moon Trine Chiron
Moon First quarter

Like I said in one of my recent blog posts — I’m on ASTROLOGICAL Auto-Pilot.  LOL

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Finished Jaisla Artwork: Lady in Neptune & *NEW* Face Readings + Portrait Service

This is the type of drawing I’ll be doing for my new service:  Face Reading & Portrait

If you’re interested in sending me a clear picture of your face (side and front), then I will give you a 20-30 minute over-the-phone face reading AND you’ll get your very own Jaisla portrait, drawn in pencil for only $30 (beta version). Email facereadingportraits @ jaisla .com

Please note that colors will likely be different and I may not include sparkles in your portrait.  Also, the hair may be wildly different.  These will be intuitive drawings that take into account your personality and potential. :-) Your whole face might not even be part of the portrait.  Basically I’ll have total artistic license here so expect the unexpected!!

Except there seems to be one quirk of mine that’s emerging and that’s a graphite face with colored head / hair area. But I don’t know if that’ll continue. So go back to expecting the unexpected!! :D

For some reason I’ve had a tendency to do female or unisex drawings but I’ll do strongly male portraits too.

Lady in Neptune

April 28th, 2012
Graphite, colored pencils, and sparkle paint


Here are other examples, all done in the last couple of months:

Lady Jester

Graphite and colored pencil

African Queen

Graphite and multi-color pencil




For my Saturn type Face Reading & Portrait clients, I’ll focus more on detail of certain aspects (such as your eyes, mouth, or nose) but then I probably won’t do your whole face as it’d take far too many hours to do fully realistic. One eye, as per below, can take one hour when done realistically.

The eye below was created from a photo so there’s a lot of realism in it.

The eyes and nose below was created from my imagination, as were the first three portraits.

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Face Readings + Portraits by Abella / Jaisla

With Venus Trine Saturn, Capricorn rising, Venus Sextile Neptune, Venus Semi-square MC, Neptune in the 10th I’m destined to make money from my art!

I’m happy to provide art that’s practical, photo realistic, and that the masses can readily understand and enjoy.

Having said that, I have Venus Conjunct Uranus so I do appreciate and enjoy creating wild and unusual art. There’s one art project I hope to do in the future that supports this. Of course, few will want it so that’s why it’ll be collector’s at $300+ each.

Speaking of making money from art.
I’ll soon be offering Face readings along with a portrait of you. You’ll send in a front and side profile shot of you and then I’ll do my magic after a LIVE face reading.

Face Reading & Portrait

The beta version will be $30, intro version $60, and professional version (after I’ve ironed out all the kinks) will be $100+ so order your Face + Portrait reading straight away so you don’t miss out on the early deals and you never know, you could end up becoming FAMOUS along with my own fame. ;-).

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Jaisla: Art, Drawings, & Photo Realism

When I start calling my drawings a photo, I know I’m getting better! :-) #photo #realism #drawings

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Drawing Art Supplies & New WIP Jaisla Artwork

I know it’s serious when I buy a portable electric sharpener and electric eraser. LOL #drawing #art

And a happy man!!

Lets do the hustle. 

Help! Look at my wrists doctor.

Check out my balancing act.

Come here honey. *burb*

I’m made of grass man. Puff, the magic dragon!

Okay, let me get real for a moment.  I’m into drawing because I didn’t get over playing with dolls and this is how I can get away with it as an adult. LOL

And here’s some WIP artwork… I think my shading is coming along.  Still not 100% but getting there. :-)


p.s. Saw Picasso at the AGO this morning.  It was really exciting.  I hope to do a celebrity astrology on Pablo while also chatting about the exhibit.


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New Artwork by Jaisla: Neptunian Jester, Something Fishy Going On Here

New pencil drawing.

Neptunian Jester, Something Fishy Going on

April 20th, 2012

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Jaisla Artwork, AGO, Art Supplies, and Neptune Pisces

Visited the AGO today, did some drawings, got some art supplies.  Hopefully, I’ll have time to upload my drawings.  I believe I’m improving.  Neptune Pisces, oh yeah!

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New Artwork by Jaisla: Experiments In Shading…

Following my shading / photo realistic faces posts?

Here’s an update. :-)

I’m now officially obsessed with drawing realistic eyes. I was at the movies tonight and I took pictures of the posters of some amazing eyes of two actresses… They were nice, clear close up’s with tons of detail — I couldn’t resist. *chuckle* But I felt like some kind of poster fetishist or something. ;P

Hopefully I’ll recreate those eyes in a week or so — they truly are beautiful in the posters.

Guess who?

My first self-portrait.

I’m getting better at ‘seamless shading’ but the curves are missing a lot in this one, as are other things.

This is a work-in-progress.  And this is truly my style.  I draw an abstract shape and then I fit a face in there.  Then I get to coloring and these days, shading.  I wonder what this will turn out like.

I did this tonight.  Trying to learn how to blend pencil value.  The drawing is scary.  Obviously, that’s not a good pencil to shade with unless I’m doing horror comics… LOL…

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Artwork: Experiments In Shading. Getting Better, Me Thinks! :-D

These are 5-15 minute sketches.  They are experiments in sketching realistic portraits, which I have not done until recently.

There’s quite a few sketches documenting my development from the first shading experiment to the end, so scroll until you get to the bottom, and click on one to enlarge it.

I had no idea how to shade with the sketch below.

I got an ebook (see previous blog post) and picked up some tips on how to shade. It was pretty scary.  I’m still not comfortable with it and need to learn more but I’m sticking with it.

The girl below is the same one as above but I’ve done some adjustments to the shading, eyes, mouth, hair, etc.  It’s amazing how much a picture can be changed. Drawing portraits (from my imagination) is like playing with dolls! :-)

I’m not too keen on the next sketches but a few people loved the curly haired one.  I sketch everywhere and people tend to stop and chat!

A 10-12 year old girl stopped and said, “Sorry for being nosey but that drawing is Very Good”.  Awwww, that was sweet of her to say. Another lady said, “Is that an animal?” I thought, “Heh, maybe a poodle?!” I think she was joking. She was funny.

The thing I love about art, compared to astrology and tarot, is that no one wants anything from me.  They are happy to share their appreciation and thoughts on my drawings and that’s it, so far.  It feels darn good, and I hope to eventually make a living doing art.

I think it’s also cool that the universe keeps shoving me in the direction of an art career and putting me in touch with soul friends.  A cashier at a cafe remarked on this drawing as well.  She asked if I did figure drawing too and suggested a place to go.  Awwww… I knew of the place but I haven’t ventured out there yet.  The universe does another nudge.  I asked what her sign was — a Taurus, and mentioned that she was probably into art and jewelry making — sure enough, she was. :-)

So yes, on this drawing (which I don’t like much except for the hair and a bit of the shading, etc.) there were four people in the span of five minutes that commented on how good it was.  LOL.  What fun!

After this and so many people asking if I’m an artist (even when I’m not drawing anything) — I guess folks, I’ll now say:  I’m an artist! and just get used to the vibe.  It’s a different feeling, different kind of love.  Art is something I can share, that others will feel good viewing, and where I don’t feel overwhelmed (at least, not yet… lets hope, never!).

I did this one (below) on April 10th, after African Queen…  I was listening to Adele, saw the album cover, and loved the shadows.  So far, I’ve shaded the whole face so I wanted to see how only shading ‘parts’ would go.  I like the eyes (well, not exactly, but the concept of it).

It’s incredible how scary it feels to draw shadows! LOL It feels like I’m going to ruin the picture.

With this Adele picture, nose, eyes, mouth is all off, skewed, forehead not high enough, etc. I drew this for about 15 minutes very early in the morning (before bed — ie, exhausted but not enough to not draw! haha).

I haven’t spent enough time with my drawings. One day I’ll sit for an hour and try to make it all nice, feature and position accurate! That’d be interesting. :-) I think that means I have to try the ‘grid’ method instead of the freestyle I’ve been doing. Then hopefully, when I get used to that, I can go back to freestyle.

April 11th, Another sketch without full shading.  I took 20 minutes on this! LOL… Working my way up to long sittings. This is the first time I’ve drawn teeth. The features are still off and it’s still not a professional drawing BUT it’s still a lot of fun.  Someone said this looked like a basketball player.  I actually drew it from a still from a video.  I have no idea who that guy is.  His face is wider than this, his eyes are not as close, and his nose is supposed to be wider too. His eyebrows are thucjer and I’m still making the foreheads too short! What’s with that?! And his face has more depth.  I wonder if he’d cower in horror if he saw this drawing of him!

April 11th, later on…

I like the eyes and nose here.  I took more care and another 5 minutes! But the mouth is too ‘lined’… I couldn’t seem to avoid that. but if you put your hand over the mouth the eyes and nose look pretty good, I believe! :)

Finally I added a mustache since I was having a hard time with the mouth.  I usually have trouble with the nose, and not the mouth but maybe by focusing on the nose, the mouth lost out.  I do like the lines between the nose and mouth – that turned out fairly well. Unfortunately I don’t like the eyebrows.  They’d be better closer to the eye.

Oh, a short forehead again!! I’ve got to stop doing that.  For some reason, I think it’s so big while drawing it.  I guess I just need to make it ‘really big’ so it will be normal. :)  Adding the mustache and eyebrows, really changed this drawing.

The portrait (from my imagination) lacks proportion and realism again. Back to the drawing board. ;-)

These two (below) are the ones I like most.  I think my style will be real, imaginary, and abstract.  You’ll be able to figure out what it is, to a certain extent, but then there will be some abstract elements and a philosophical, political, or cultural statement through the imagination.

African Queen, Unshaded.

I’m pretty sure a visit today to the Mayan exhibit at the ROM inspired this drawing.

African Queen reminds me of an ancient Egyptian. To me, there’s something mystical about her. Her headpiece reminds me of a symbolic brain, and traveling through time — through cultures, and peoples. The headpiece holds the colorful roads and peoples of the earth. A wise woman, indeed. :-)



The eyes are a bit flat, a few things could be adjusted, but all in all — this is my style. :-)

I started with the head piece.  I start the abstract, find something familiar, draw what you will know, and then add some ‘meaning’ to it. So much enjoyment!


I did this on the bus.  Drawing helps me zone out.

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Artwork: Perspective Drawing & Portrait Shading

I’m currently working on perspective drawing and shading.  Gee, who knew art was so technical?! :-)

I just hope it doesn’t ruin the fun of doing art.  In other words, one of the important things about art is seeing — I mean, truly seeing.  I hope I can turn off seeing like I often have done with my psychic stuff.  Because right now, I keep looking for the shadows and shades in everything.  haha

I’ve been working with the Drawing Mentor series ebooks by  Sarah Bowles.  I’m currently working with Drawing Mentor 3, Perspective & 3D Shapes, Drawing Mentor 9, Sketching People & Animals, and Drawing Mentor 13, Portrait Drawing.

These ebooks are quick and simple, and are giving me a taste of what I’ll need to do to get better at drawing. Eventually I’ll be taking a special course to further develop technique but I hope my style will remain.  As much as I want to know how to draw realistically, I really like idealistic and abstract drawing.

Libra on the 9th house cusp. :-)

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Art Supplies: Above Ground Art Supplies & a Visit to The Art Gallery of Ontario

Part of my Big Day Out in Toronto.

Visited Above Ground Art Supplies.

Got some new art supplies.  A gradient of yellow and orange pencils (FaberCastell) to do some sunny pictures. Some yummy conte crayons. A new drawing kit (Pro Art) with pencils and charcoal. Tiny tortillon‘s for blending very small areas like a tiny eye, and the most amazing Quattro CretaColor  multi-color pencil that I thought would be a novelty but turned out to be one of the most happiest Piscean purchases I’ve made.

As I was checking out my new art supplies, downstairs in the AGO, I got a sudden and unexpected stupid grin when I used the ‘multi color’ pencil.  I couldn’t believe how much joy a pencil gave me.  LOL

So I have decided to start offering portraits with face readings.

Yeah, that’s how my 5th and 6th / 11th and 12th houses (Mercury-Jupiter) works.  haha…. My hobbies turn into work. Stay tuned.

Checking out what the new art supplies can do. There’s a sexy all black pencil in there too.  Me, wearing all black.  Pencil, black. Mmmmm. Sexay! If I do say so myself. ;-P

This has got a Lioness quality to it… I messed up on the lips but this was just practice stuff to see what I could do with the new art supplies.  Oh my gasm, I couldn’t stop smiling with joy!

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Long Lost Art Supplies: Charcoal & China White Rules

Cleaning up and found some long last art supplies. I’m totally getting back into charcoal… very good for shading… Straight pencil and smudge stick doesn’t forgive as much nor give as much 3D definition. Also my Chinese White stick is much better than regular white – it creates sparkle.

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Artwork: Abstract Barbie & Ken, 2004

Abstract Barbie & Ken, 2004

Tonight, I discovered this colorful doodle I did on the back of a notebook!

With the upcoming AGO Picasso exhibit being on the mind, these drawings remind me of the Picasso style – sort-of!! :D

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April 4th, 2012 Drawing

You Jest, April 4th, 2012 (I wrote the wrong date!)

I often prefer just simple pencil sketches but I figured color may add some life to it…

Colored Pencil

Playing with Photoshop settings

A cartoon drawing I did awhile back based on ‘shaping out’ features.


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