A foreigner is anyone that is vastly different from your roots. As in either literally marrying someone over the pond, or perhaps economically or socially on the other side of the tracks.

I was thinking about my relationship with foreigners, and I realized that my 9th house has been quite active. I have Libra on my 9th house cusp using Placidus, so Venus rules it. And I have Jupiter in Libra, in my 9th house cusp. Venus is in my 8th house, conjunct Moon and Pluto.

For me, this means I fall deeply in love with foreigners (Venus on the 9th) and I would probably marry one or more (Jupiter in Libra). I would most definately teach (Jupiter) foreign friends (Venus) occult matters (Venus in the 8th). With Uranus being on the cusp of the 9th, but not in the 8th (unless using Koch, Equal or whole signs are used), I can have “love at first sight”, as well as “unusual foreign meetings and teaching” or teaching unfamiliar methods or knowledge, one-on-one.

Even when using other house systems, I still have a lot of planets that function in the 9th house and in those cases — Mercury would be on the cusp. So there’s a whole lot of analytical chatting going on with foreigners. This is another reason why I publish online, as my system knows I can reach out to more foreigners!!

So how do you connect to 9th house foreigners?

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