5th house (astrology)
With a ton of planets in the 8th house, including Venus and Pluto – I could have been a sex therapist. Because it’s in Virgo, I believe sex is healthy to have. But to take care, in playing safe.
Recreational Sex = playful + exploratory + going slow / taking your time (basking in the glow of every wonderful moment) = Happiness
Free of judgement, the ability to laugh at awkward moments, quickly recovering back into a sexy moment (after an awkward or unenjoyable one) — this leads to the best sex you’ll ever have.
Have fun, and play safe. <3
ps The 5th house is the house of Leo, the Sun, child-like play and entertainment. Warmth, and friendship. It’s the house of leisure, and fun, and exploration – with the house of Aquarius, being its opposite 11th house . It’s the Happy house. 8th house sex is different. That’s the house of Scorpio. Oh la la.
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