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Quote: The Philosophy of Anxiety, Avita Ronell

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Quote: “If we’re not anxious, if we’re okay with things — we’re not trying to explore or figure things out.  So Anxiety is the mood for par excellence of of authenticity, I think.  (I think so too! LOL)
You know?  Now I’m not prescribing anxiety disorder for anyone; however, could you imagine Mr. Bush who doesn’t give a shit when he (ah) sends everyone to the gas chamber or the electric chair. He expresses no anxiety and they’re very proud of this — they don’t lose a wink of sleep. They express no anxiety. ” Examined Life, Avita Ronell (Aries, April 15, 1952)


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One Response to Quote: The Philosophy of Anxiety, Avita Ronell

  1. Quinn says:

    Hey Abella, I read some stuff on anxiety a while back [Rollo May the man I love] and he said similar, well he actually linked it to authenticity of the self and individuality. He said artists were particularly vulnerable to it because it’s a natural reaction to separating yourself from the masses. It really helped me to get a better perspective on it. I suffer with it most days but then I have a Moon opp Uranus and just figured it was normal hehe <3 It does get worse when I write about certain things, it's never bad enough to stop me from doing what I want to do but I think it might be if I wasn't a Leo with an Aries Moon.

    I think one of the philosophers also studied it a lot it might have been Kierkegaard. 

    Interesting stuff because it's one of those "emotions" that a lot of self help genre try to get rid of yet it's actually a "good" sign. [not sure that good is a word I'd normally associate with anxiety I'm just hoping you get what I mean]

    Quinn <3  

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