12804786_10204260011898785_7815414151144548186_nBy all means hold on to your own beliefs; however, do try to respect, and appreciate differences as being a valuable necessity for the preservation of life. For example, I’m not an atheist; however, I LOVE many personality traits of atheists. I do have to watch how closely I connect with an atheist, because our values are different, and I don’t want to get hurt by a misunderstanding. However, I love how logical, rational, and scientific atheists can be, and I value this trait – even though I’m more heart/emotions ruled. But everyone was a sensitive bleeding heart, like me, the world would not exist. We’d be all dead!! Ha! There is so much to value in other people, being different from ourselves. We can friend people, who are different from us, and it won’t hurt us if we keep aware, and ask questions. I can and I am friends with atheists. And you can be friends, with people who are different from you too. Brought to you from an INFJ / INFP.

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