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Chart Reading Tricks: Where’s Your Mars? What Are You Tireless About? What are your PASSIONs?

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Where’s your Mars? What Are You Tireless About? What Can You Go On Forever About?

* What house is your Mars in?
* Look for the signs Aries AND Scorpio. What houses are those signs on?
* What planets, if any, are in those houses?
* What are the themes of those houses?
* What signs or planets are in your house of Scorpio (8th house)?

+ My Mars is in the 7th (natural house ruler: Venus)
+ Aries is on the 3rd house cusp (natural house ruler: Mercury)
+ Chiron is in the 3rd (natural house ruler: Mercury)
+ Scorpio is on the 10th house cusp (natural house ruler: Mars)
+ Neptune is in the 10th (natural house ruler: Saturn)
+ Leo is on my 8th (natural house ruler: Mars)
+ Virgo stellium in my 8th (natural house ruler: Mars)

This is where I don’t give up, what I could do forever, what I can be tireless about — to the point of exhaustion:

I’m a long distance bike rider. I can speak assertively and fearlessly from the moment I wake to the moment I sleep. I speak with force and energy – quickly! I love trade and commerce and I’m a strong worker. I email, email, email. I phone, phone, phone. I have a daily blog and I write all over the darn place (forums, other blogs, social networking, on and off-line), quickly. Tweet, tweet. (Aries/Mars on the 3rd). I encourage people to speak their peace, have their voice heard, and to heal their communication challenges and I do this for myself too -Aries!! (Chiron in the 3rd). I don’t give up on relationships. I don’t shy away from difficult topics or challenges when I’ve obligated myself or chose to be under contract. (Mars in the 7th). I delve deeply into the occult science. I’m seen as a 24/7 psychic bridging the natural world to the supernatural world. Always on, ready to read. LOL (Scorpio on the 10th, Neptune in the 10th). I create, create, create. I’m an entrepreneur and will readily come up with new services, websites, service names, etc. I will lead when others will only follow. I get down to the depths of art and drama. Creative, role player. ;-)  (Leo on the 8th). I think, think, think. I delve into minutia. I take big and complex things a part to make them small and easily digestible. Mental sex?! I’ve been known to be  a tease ;P (Virgo stellium in the 8th). I don’t have any planets in Aries and only Scorpio Neptune!!

As usual, just skimming the surface.
Where’s your Mars? What Are You Tireless About? What Can You Go On Forever About?

These are your gifts, the energy that gets self-replenished — this is where your PASSION flies.

(Notes: We could include Pluto for Scorpio; however, I really wanted to stick to pure Mars (traditional signs/planets) for this chart reading trick™. Use whatever house system you want.)


Let me provide some insights in your own life. And if you are interested in learning astrology, numerology, or tarot from a Jupiter-Uranus Libra in the 9th teacher, I'd love to be your guide.

5 Responses to Chart Reading Tricks: Where’s Your Mars? What Are You Tireless About? What are your PASSIONs?

  1. Even though I like astrology, I don’t know myself nearly as well as you know yourself through astrology! I hope that one day this can change because I find myself thinking more about characteristics and what aspects and placements can coincide. Like today I was thinking of a girl I knew in high school who is still dating (to my knowledge anyway) the boyfriend she had since then (who she had been dating since middle school I think), and I thought, “I wonder if that would be Venus in Taurus – slow and steady, dedicated and practical”. Then I thought there might be aspects to Saturn, which is a planet that takes a long time to revolve around the sun – so longevity, but naturally it’d be a harmonious aspect. Anyway. :3 Just thought I’d share that! (I don’t know my friend’s astrology info and I may have unadded her on FB because she rarely updates and we don’t talk).

    * What house is your Mars in?
    – 3rd house (Ruled by Sag).

    * Look for the signs Aries AND Scorpio. What houses are those signs on?
    – Aries is the 7th house and Scorpio is the 2nd.

    * What planets, if any, are in those houses?
    My 7th house has my Venus and Jupiter. My 2nd house has Pluto.

    * What are the themes of those houses?

    Themes? How do you mean? Isn’t the 7th traditionally about relationships and partnerships and the 2nd about possessions, your personal finances and self-esteem? I don’t “feel” the energy of my Pluto in 2nd house very well – if at all. Unless you count my extreme relationship with money in the sense of being a total spend thrift when I have it and being insanely frugal/cheap when I don’t have any! Heh. But I think my life is DEFINED by my 7th house, since I struggle with not dating, and wondering if I ever will and wondering why other people seem to not struggle with it at all – and why I do.

    * What signs or planets are in your house of Scorpio (8th house)?Nothing. That house is empty!Hm. I’m not sure what I’m passionate about. D: I talk endlessly about dating, and tonight on my Twitter TL one of my followers was chatting away about her relationship to her sexuality. Consistently, I think about sex and dating and how I’d LOVE to talk about that, have my own blog about it – but I just don’t date. People aren’t attracted to me, and I find the exercise of online dating (or rather, pouring through profiles and checking for similarities) to be exhausting. I wish I were more attractive and that I was able to date so that I could blog about it. I talk endlessly about my lack of dating life, which isn’t very much fun, but it really consumes my life! But I do enjoy more Sag related things, such as traveling, and having a lot of personal freedom. I think about going out on my own and being able to take care of myself. I like to communicate too – and really enjoy twitter and blogs too. Though, I need to spend more time working on my own! I also love to chat on the phone – I had a 2 hour conversation with my friend earlier today. I regularly have lengthy convos with friends, which is awesome. So I’m passionate about communicating with others, keeping in touch. :3 I hope that answers the question – like I said, I don’t really know myself really help so it’s hard to say!!

    • Start a dating column about NOT DATING and Sex you’re not having!  I kid you not. Talk about what you know and experience. That’s what good columns contain.  

      I think you’ve said a lot about yourself and this exercise may have helped you to understand what you’re passionate about.  I bet other people reading this can hear your passion, like I did.

      Jupiter on the 3rd, is expansive sharing of knowledge.  Speaking, teaching, etc..

      House themes mean, for example, the 3rd is about: communication, siblings, junior school, etc.

      Having Pluto on the 2nd and Scorpio in the 2nd can mean you are passionate about transforming, regenerating, and creating great wealth in regards to your financial situation.

      “Unless you count my extreme relationship with money in the sense of
      being a total spend thrift when I have it and being insanely
      frugal/cheap when I don’t have any! Heh.”

      Yup, I do!! ;P

      ps. I love your description-connection of Venus in Taurus and your friend.

      •  Hah! A not-dating and having sex column would be awesome. I should talk more about that on my poor, neglected blog. Heh. :D Thanks for the suggestion. I wasn’t sure if it would border whining or anything, since so many people I know and follow online actively date (or get hit on, whatever). It’s really rare for me to meet someone who has never dated before and even rarer still to meet someone who doesn’t know how to go about dating or anything. I wasn’t sure how to approach the topic, but I should definitely give it some more thought. :3 Thanks!!!

        Oh man! I’m pretty preoccupied with creating loads of wealth for myself! But I don’t know how! Hah! I think that’s why I really admire other black female entrepreneurs who are able to fund their travels abroad – like Arielle Loren or Evita Robinson – and are able to get what they want out of life and live according to their values – like Rosetta Thurman. I definitely want to learn about how to create more money in my life and using it more productively!

        Even though Pluto in the 2nd is my own personal placement, I often wonder if lots of other people who wonder about money have this placement as well. Like, having trouble creating monies. But I guess it depends on the aspects too, right? I dunno. I really want to see the natal charts for successful people I’ve met or know and see if there are any correlations. But, is it possible to be natally predisposed to never being able to hold on to money? Always spending it, never learning how to use it? I guess I need to become more acquinated with astrology itself – how it’s used. It’s not predestiny, I suppose. I was thinking about this today too.

        My understanding is that those with 7th house placements, are “promised” a marriage, but then I thought, if I moved to ashram in India and take a vow of celibacy and singleness, I won’t be getting married at all. Or anything like this. Hmm…

        • I whine all the time.  If the whining is good, people will like to read the rants.  LOL … It’s important to gain a ‘focus’ and figure out what people might like to read.  Misery does love company, so remember that. :-) And maybe your readers will have some groovy suggestions to make for all the lovelorn out there (which, as you say, includes you).

          Astrology can tell you how! :)
          I’ll have to look up those entrepreneurs!! They sound inspirational.

          Check back to astrotheme for celebrities and analyze their charts.  And yes, it’s likely that other people with your placement would be similar.  That’s how I we do our readings, as astrologers.  While a signature can mean different things, it’s like to have a common thread. 

          Pluto is power, old money, deep pockets, regeneration, psychology, strategy, business, etc…

          And sure, it’s natally predisposed not to hold on to money… but that’s usually Uranus on the 2nd, for example, at play.

          Those with planets in the 7th, are promised ‘committed relationships’.  It’s not just the house of ‘love relationships, such as marriages’ but business relationships and obligated partnerships (of any kind) too.  AND… joining an ashram is a contractual obligation.

          Here’s an interesting little tidbit…

          Venus is connected to Buddhism.  Jupiter is spiritual.  Your path may just be about being married to religion, spirituality. ♥

          Astrology is not cut and dry. Books and blogs can not replace a live and personal session with an Astrologer.

          • That’s true! A blogger I follow had uploaded an old blog post about some asshat boy she knew. Or something like that. I should definitely give it a go since it’s something that’s always on my mind. Hmmmmm. :3

            Yes! They’re really awesome! I definitely want to find more entrepreneurs like them… :3

            Oh, I like the idea of being married to spirituality! Hah. That reminds me of my south node in Virgo in the 12th house. Because clairvision shut down their astrology section (which was awesome! I don’t know why they did it!), it mentioned that this placement was common for the need to get away, and sink into spirituality. Which is something I’d love to do now! Hah. Being committed to spirituality would be pretty nifty and would free me from the worry and emotional burden of wondering if anyone is going to like me or would like to be with me. AH I FEEL FREER ALREADY. Heh. I would love, though, to make spirituality a more core aspect of my life anyhow. :D

            Yes! I am discovering this. Humans > technology.

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