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Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

Lately have been having some twitches in my thumb and a couple of fingers.  The doctor thinks it’s because I’m writing a lot.  LOL. He was so funny.  He did an air-typing animation for me too. Better cool it for awhile on the writing — overuse of hands / fingers. Occupational hazard (Gemini on the 5th / 6th house cusp). ;P

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Fitness: Virgo, Bike Riding in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Took a nice long 45 minute bike ride to an errand. Beautiful day out. The 1 hour back was grueling. lol

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Mega Biking & I’ve decided to get out every day…

I’ve decided to get out ‘every day’. I work from home, and get comfy easily, so this is a HUGE deal. And for the next 8 months, I also plan to take my bike short and long distances while avoiding public transit, when I can. So I’m going to get all the ‘commuter’ gear that I can get and get doubly fit.

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Ear Wax Cleaning

They ought to make ear wax cleaning part of a spa feature.  Felt so good to get that crap out of my ears.  I can hear again! *woot*

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The 6th House: Being Sick But Still Being Able to Do Your House Thing…

After about two weeks of aches, pains, and chills, I’m finally feeling more like myself.

What many find strange is that I am often still able to communicate in one way, shape, or form — even if I’m feverishly sick. And I can do errands of a short distance as well — mind you, I often have felt like I was in a fog while doing it! Gee, I even once worked through pneumonia until it got really bad and I had to finally take the time off to recover.

The last couple of weeks on Astrogasm is an example of continuing to communicate, while feeling sick. However, a lot of the posts were (and will continue to be) from something I wrote previously — many unpublished. What I considered a stub from another blog, has become a full-on post in this blog. This is so Gemini, 5th / 6th house, which means I get a lot of joy publishing in this blog on a daily basis. And many of the posts were /are scheduled. But I still got my word out, even though I was sick.

Anyway, I think the reason why I can still communicate (knock on digital wood) under the influence, is that I have Gemini on the 6th. What does go down the tube is focus, accuracy, speed, and consistency. Anything that takes effort to think about, isn’t going to get done or will take much longer than it normally does.  I’m also often ‘out of verbal and cerebral character’ when sick.

So that makes me wonder: What sign is on your 6th? Do you find you can still do that 6th house thing even though most people would find it odd given you’re sick?

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