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House Delineation: Capricorn on the 2nd, Saturn in the 2nd House

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With Capricorn on the 2nd or Saturn in the 2nd house, natives are likely to value: Status, Symbols of Achievement, Money, Age, and Resilience (amongst other things).

This native wants to amass and hold onto wealth, would do best working in executive or leadership positions but often find themselves doing work that is beneath them. But in many ways, this is due to the native limiting opportunities for achievement and authority (out of fear of success) so they undermine themselves and often attempt to stay in their comfort-zone.

They feel most comfortable and able to stay in-love for long periods with a secret desire to dominate or control their partner and having their partner carry out their needs and interests. In fact, they might even attempt to buy attraction or love with the stuff they’ve acquired. Money can’t buy love? Saturn on or in the 2nd would likely disagree. However, its best they learn to get their own needs met, be more self-sufficient, self-managed, and earn love through merit.

In youth, people can take advantage of these natives as they tend to have money or resources tucked away and others want to make use of that.  In older age (after being mistreated in this way) they can become stingy with their hard-earned money, and can feel used and unhappy if someone else (especially young people) depend on their money for sustenance.

It’s important for this native to not become cold but rather to encourage others to make their own way, with their leadership.

These natives may feel like it’s a struggle to get ahead and they can never reach their love, status, and money dreams. But the fact is, they will eventually reach their goals with time, goal-setting, and ambition. Also by letting other people help them. It’s important that they know they don’t have to go it alone and to learn to believe in the ability for other people to get the job done well or even better than the native.

Unfortunately, over time these natives can whittle away their self-esteem and get depressed if their position, what they own, or how much money they have — is seen as not enough.  And they can belittle, blame, or diminish others if they feel that they got in the natives way of achieving their kind of success.

Saturn in the 2nd can indicate a native who earns a living and self-esteem through having a structured, focused, and disciplined mentality. In older age, with determined ambition and taking responsibility for their own actions, they are able to obtain all the personal wealth and status symbols that they desire.

These natives are most suited to earning a living in a solid and hierarchical industry such as big business, show-biz, government, and banking; however, if the Aquarius energy is running through their Saturn, they may work in industries that value science, technology, or teaching. They may find work very stressful as they feel they have little authority to get jobs done and save money in the way they see best.

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Please also note, this is a small superficial blurb.  I welcome your additional insights and/or corrections in the comment section, especially if you have this placement.  And this delineation is based mostly on lack of awareness of the house.  If the native is conscious to house themes and has been working on challenges, everything I’ve said may not or no longer be true for the 2nd house Saturn native.

And just like looking at only the eye of a person won’t tell you what the rest of their face looks like or how that eye fits in with the rest of the face, delineating a small astrological part doesn’t give the whole and necessary picture of how that part fits in with the rest of the chart.

This is why it’s important to read the whole chart and not rely on delineations like this, as the rest of the chart modifies the meaning.


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4 Responses to House Delineation: Capricorn on the 2nd, Saturn in the 2nd House

  1. Saturn’s presence in the house of self-worth is never easy and perhaps, much like the Moon in Capricorn, these people can undermine their own confidence and values. From a child of Capricorn on the 2nd, I second your insight–essentially, I feel (and true to Capricorn) natives forge their identity values based on the level of recognition they receive from the world. Unfortunately, the Saturnian aims for the higher and higher peak, a focused intent which can, in fact, defeat practical goal-setting. Subpar standards are simply not acceptable to this person’s psyche.
    Intimately connected to self-worth, this “outer world” need for affirmation can trump or twist healthy personal dynamics.
    The position of Saturn will show the potential for goal fulfillment–MY taskmaster takes cues from globe-hopper Jupiter. Perhaps the toughest of all for the planet of limits, to learn from the sign of no limits. :D
    This house is, in the end, the possessor of your talents.
    “…they will eventually reach their goals with time, goal-setting, and ambition.” Bingo. ;)

    • Fabulous insights, interpretation, and reminder about recognition… that’s a big one too!!  It’s so hard for Saturn on or in the 2nd to be recognized because they are below the horizon. They have the struggle of reaching the 10th.

      I think it’s especially important for astrologers, who have placements, to comment and contribute on how their astrological parts play out for them. In this way, delineations can be so much more rich and meaningful.

      Thanks again!

  2. Sol says:

    I’m interested in the Saturn in the 2nd house article because I’m going to experience stationary Saturn there at my solar return in a few months. I also have natal moon in Capricorn and my 2nd house is empty in my natal chart and is opposite the apex of a natal T-square. I must admit I am wary of this solar return. I don’t have a lot of control over my finances due to health issues and we are in the middle of a recession with ever increasing cuts. I have natal Saturn in the 6th.

    I already live quite frugally due to low income so there is nothing much more I can do to discipline myself and live out Saturn. My fear is that my income will get even lower and/or I will be forced into low-paid physically demanding work that will further worsen my health. I have already spent much time on and off over the years trying to find the cause of the health problems and I have had to make sacrifices regarding my diet because of food intolerances etc. I have been self-disciplined when I was a school student dutifully carrying out my homework but robbed of my university degree (and career and status and reasonable income) due to health problems developing. I don’t know what more Saturn I can do that is within my control. I will post again a year after the solar return and let people know how this stationary Saturn in the 2nd worked out for me. Hopefully it won’t mean anything worse than I’ll just have to economise a bit more than usual due the rise in the cost of living. At least it’s stationing direct so maybe that’s better than turning retrograde. It’s still retrograde at the exact solar return but will turn direct a day later.

    • Thank you for sharing so honestly and in-depth Sol, and I look forward to you coming back again to share your Saturn SR experiences.

      Although finances, understandably, is on your mind… consider what the house is also about:
      stability, what is valued, values (self-esteem), art & beauty, talents, gardening / pruning, and possessions.

      There is so much that could go on here not money related… for example:

      1. You could get rid of stuff that has been weighing you down. Having said that, it can be a great challenge.
      2. You could experience a mild form of depression.
      3. You could continue on with the love and money is hard to come by, and you’ll do everything in your power to get and keep it.
      4. If you have ANY artistic talent, this is where you can make your money this year by taking it seriously. Also check your 5th and 11th houses for support.

      I can run you a health report to see if anything is in there; however, I’m in a similar financial boat with Sun being in my 2013 SR 2nd house (no natal planets in the 2nd) so I really have to focus my attention on paid work.

      If you email me your address, along with your birth details, I can send you the health report (at no charge)!

      May the force be with you. :)
      Warm regards,

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