Gasp, it’s almost 12am and I haven’t written a post for the day — no can do… Here’s one I wrote back on May 4, 2009 @ 11:46am and it’s 11:43 pm right now!

Do you do YOUR best or do you do THE best?

Listen to yourself and others when they talk about doing something well. Most of the time you will hear them say they will do THEIR best. However, is their best the best that can be done? I think not. I think that the “I will do my best”, is a subconscious cop-out. It’s along the lines of “I’ll try….”. It allows one to make an excuse in case something one does isn’t good enough for others. It makes one feel good.

Doing your best can be not very good at all and if you are not in a good state of success, then you may not even do as well as what you normally can do. Doing the best is pushing your ego aside (backwards theory), jumping out of your energy field and giving it your all — your best way to accomplish something. In effect, it has nothing to do with you and therefore it can truly be the best.

So push your ego to the back of the line, take responsibility for outcomes, go outside of yourself, and do some hard work. I say, “Hop to it!”.

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