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Skeptics and Believers: Enjoying Summer Astro Fun With Family

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Well, there’s a reason I missed New Orlean’s UAC 2012 and that’s an unexpected Uranian visit from my sister from out west whom I haven’t seen in years!

Interestingly, Uranus was at 7° Aries and landed just outside my 3rd house that begins at 9° Aries so that 2° orb is interesting because the 3rd house represents siblings and as I’ve mentioned it was a ‘surprise visit’.  She had driven to my city from out west and didn’t give us an arrival time! And when I say that, I mean she didn’t tell us even ‘what week’ she’d be arriving.  LOL

So Uranus conjunct 3rd house, in my case, meant:  Sudden visit from sibling, by car! :-D

It is also conjunct Chiron and it was a surprisingly and shockingly ‘healing’ visit as well.  She felt like a stable element in my life that I had been missing.  Then again, she’s a sweet Taurus!

Back to Uranus Conjunct Chiron, I’ll also be doing some much needed ‘talk therapy’ in the area (will be doing some short travel, for my meetings, with my bike) and I really hope I’ll get some sudden insights that heal . Of course, it can also indicate sudden or shocking wounds.  Let me channel the positive though.

Also, Saturn is transiting my 9th house and that’s what kept me at home.  Boo re: UAC but yay for my sister visiting.

Tonight we had a family, extended family, and friends get together.  I ended up reading for everyone on an iPad (not mine!!) unexpectedly and is often the case, everyone volleyed to be read except the two Capricorn’s (lol — too proud and proper, I suppose — I’ll read them another time when it’s more ‘private’) and a skeptical Cancer that was ‘drilling’ me later on.

Anyway, the Cancer was asking me questions that would of had me teaching him astrology, while questioning and subtly disrespecting it.  LOL … Pretty normal but also annoying to this passionate astrologer.  Then he said something about reading his daughter at a next event and that it would be fun (I guess, for him) because I don’t like reading for people that are testing and judging my work with a ‘fail’ or ‘what can you get’ slant.  That’s no fun for me, though I know that’s fun for some of my colleagues.

So I said he’d have to pay me to do it. LOL  He even said at one point about an experience with a psychic and testing them: “You’re the psychic, you tell me”. *eye roll* But I’m not THAT kind of psychic.  I’m not the “dance for me psychic, dance” puppet on a string kind of psychic. LOL I’m a consultant who has knowledge, awareness, compassion, and connection.

For the hundredth time:

“No, I’m not a stereotypical psychic.  No, I don’t have a store front reading parlour.  No, I don’t have a 1800 number.  No, I don’t cold read (I read over the phone!), No, I’m not a psychic without tools.  No, I’m not a police psychic.” Can I be all those things?! Yes, I can.  But only in small doses and as a choice — not a given.

What I would like is to receive questions from someone who respects me even if they don’t respect what I do. And I did get those kinds of questions from some of my family, which I greatly appreciate.

And even though my astrology says that I should back-down from such ‘interviews’, it’s so very hard NOT to engage because I don’t want them polluting the minds of my loved ones with fancy thoughts about what it is that I do.  Hmpf!

Anyway, I LOVE how I get to know people through astrology.  Once we get into their chart, they just open up and I get to see another side to them that they were not showing previously.  It’s a wonderful way to connect more deeply with loved ones and new friends.

Also, I love when people say:  How do you know what that says?  And I tell them, it’s a language — takes years to learn. ;-D

It’s just really nice to know such an obscure symbolic language.  Cool factor = high!

And it was really nice for one of my family members to say:  I didn’t get why you got into all of this but now I know why (as in, You can really make a difference in people’s lives and that must feel great!! Yay).

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

Until next time… Much love,


p.s. Have Mercury Conjunct Jupiter? You probably LOVE reading.  Also, you could be an author if you have the grits for it. If you don’t, you’ll find yourself sinking right into storylines and making up one’s up as you go along (ie, different endings, etc.).  Mercury Scorpio Conjunct Jupiter = Love of mystery novels and true crime stories.


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One Response to Skeptics and Believers: Enjoying Summer Astro Fun With Family

  1. It’s cool you got to hang out with your sister and family. I always find it so awful, or at least saddening when family doesn’t get what we do if it isn’t conventional or acceptable (like, even if you say you write, people may think you eat bread crumbs or things like that). But even when it’s not family – just strangers – I hate being confronted with ignorance. I know it’s really common, and that not everyone knows everything (because you can only know what you make it your business to know) but I dislike it when it feels like people pick and choose.

    Like I think tarot is such a great tool for spirituality, but I hate meeting people who use spiritual language (like discussing gratitude or whatever) but don’t understand metaphysics. To me, it’s one and the same! Or how people talk about God, but don’t understand what Karma is – for example.

    Argh. Mini-rant – sorry. I really love spirituality, spiritual growth and I think metaphysics is really integral to all that. (When I say metaphysics, I mean things like astrology, tarot, reiki, mediumship/psychics, spirit guides, guardian angels, fey, chakras, auras – all that stuff – versus the actual study of metaphysics in philosophy).

    I know a lot of people want to use spiritual language and certain aspects of spirituality (like positive thinking and gratitude) to make their day to day lives easier – but to me, spirituality should be for so much more than that! It’s about our connection to the Universe, not so much about how to get another job or whatever. >.>


    >:3 I checked my chart and I sadly don’t have that placement! The only “writing placement” I think I have is Mercury in the 5th. And Mercury only has one aspect with Pluto – so writing deep, and transformative things? But that’s it. And my Virgo is ruling the 12th house, which is empty save for my South Node.

    Here’s a post your might enjoy, it’s a bit long, but the author is an astrologer who tries to find similarities between ASC, sun and moon signs and romance writers!! : http://lordsoftheseventhhouse.blogspot.com/2010/07/astrological-characteristics-of-romance.html


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