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Developing Art Career: Progressed Venus Conjunct Natal Midheaven, Progressed Sun Conjunct Natal Venus

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Having or had an astrogasm today?!

Mine? Well, I got to thinking: Why am I suddenly (what it seems like) so interested in art as a career? Then I thought to myself: Check your progressions! And sure enough, My progressed Venus is now Conjunct my natal MC. It’s currently applying at 1°21

Natally, I have Sun Semi-Square Venus, Venus Septile AC, and Venus Semi-square MC and the rest of my Venus contacts are  Conjunct, Sextile, or Trine. The only planet not aspected to Venus natally, is Mercury.

After researching some art schools, I’m actually thinking of signing up to a special portrait course and then selling small sized portraits (5×7) packaged in keepsake containers, and focused on long-distance lovers.

I’d still like to get a degree in art history, and curation leading to the ability to buy and write about art.  And I’d like to get a minor in psychology.

When I first wrote about changing directions from psychology to art back in September 2011, at that time, the orb was at 1°49.

I took a guess as to when it would be at 0° and I figured it would be about 2 years from now and on or around the day I originally wrote (September 16, 2011) about my new (or rather, conscious) interest. And on that day, it’ll be 0°11!! And that’s not all, transiting North Node will be conjunct my natal Neptune in the 10th on September 16th, 2012! And what’s also cool is that transiting Venus will conjunct my natal Sun two days later!

But December 8, 2013 is the BIG Day, when that aspect will be exact!

8 means power, wealth, and health and the whole day delineates to an 8! Jackpot. :P

I predict I’ll make my switch to an art career (while retaining all my occult, metaphysical goodness) over the next few years with a potentially very rewarding Christmas 2013, God Willing! :-)

During this time, I’ll also have…
Progressed Sun Conjunct Natal Venus
Progressed Mars Sextile Natal MC
Progressed Jupiter conjunct Natal MC Applying
Progressed Venus Sextile Ascendant
Progressed AC Trine Natal AC

But I’ll also have…
Natal Sun Square Progressed Venus
Natal Venus Square Progressed MC

It won’t be an easy ride but it’ll hopefully be a rewarding one to overcome! Natal Sun Trine Midheaven

* I’ve only mentioned what I don’t have in my natal chart and that has some significance to this pursuit.

Progressions are a great way to see what and when something is bubbling under the natal surface.

Everything in your future, is already here today.


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6 Responses to Developing Art Career: Progressed Venus Conjunct Natal Midheaven, Progressed Sun Conjunct Natal Venus

  1. Oh that’ll be so exciting if your got your MFA (or is it WHEN you get your MFA!). With a minor in psychology, you can do art therapy, right? Are you interested in something like that? :D 

    • It might be an “if”.  hehe…

      I think art therapy would be a possibility.
      I’m not sure I want to get into psychology, as a career, but I could innovate and do something ‘new’ with it so I’m not actually doing counseling.

      By the way, Does your Mars-Jupiter aspect each other?

      • Ah yes. I think you wrote a post about how you’re used to helping people and wanted to move away from that? Or maybe you told me about that on Twitter when you were telling me more info about the north and south nodes in your own chart.

        And yes, I have Mars Trine Jupiter. 

        • Yup and Yeah, I thought you had that.  I’m working on having that (it doesn’t aspect at all for me but it’s in my progressed chart where I have Mars Sextile Jupiter).

          The Ma-Ju aspect helps you pull what others say (Jupiter), integrate it into your own knowledge, and then use it as you chat with others (Mars – the activity of chatting or passing on knowledge) — like the ‘art therapy’ thingie which I thought you may have got from from our conversations (as above)!

          • I think in one of your other posts you mentioned progressed chart. Is it like future predictions, like seeing what’s laying around? While transits are what’s happening right now? So many charts! Actually, i just found this on Astrologyweekly from a commenter – their forums are the best:

            “The birth chart is your birth potentials. The transit chart is the
            movement of the world around us at a certain time. The progressed chart
            is the “inner movement” of the world around us: a map of our evolving

            So this makes a lot of sense! Is it possible for a progressed chart to stay the same? I remember for 2 years in a row – not that long ago either – my Solar Return hadn’t changed at all. All the planets were in the same positions for the most part. I interpreted that as me not having learned any of the lessons for those years, so things had stayed internally the same for me. So I was SUPER happy when my SR really changed this time around.

            Though, it’s interesting you asked if my chart was above the horizon and to the West because my SR is still a bowl, but all the planets are on the right hand side with some above and some below the horizon! :3

            Ah yes! Haha. I did get the art therapy thing from what you said – and also because I had considered doing art therapy myself but didn’t want to go back and take psych courses so I rejected it :P #lazy

          • That quote is poetic.
            When quoting the work of others, add their name and direct link to their work / words (if available).  Thank you. :)

            Progression means to progress (to move forward) so it doesn’t stay the same. And even though distant objects (like Pluto) can stay in the same degree for a long time, it won’t stay in the same spot (house). Since the Moon is the fastest celestial object in the basic natal chart, it progresses the fastest in the progression chart.  It moves through a whole house about every two years.

            Objects in a progression chart are constantly moving and growing, just like we do. 

            Astrology doesn’t make us; we make astrology.  Astrology illustrates who we are and how we are at any given moment.

            In my mind, we all have an operating manual and a destiny to fulfill.  Because of this, we’re on auto-pilot (for the most part).  Astrology shows us the many paths we travel in all areas of our life.  How we get to our destination represents our freewill.

            I don’t see the birth chart as ‘potentials’ unless I’m using a specific kind of house system.  The house system I normally use, tells me: what was, is, and will be.  This is where it can get confusing for some astrology students because other charts can tell the same thing. But it all becomes clear when I teach my students.

            I’d rather not look at the world revolving around the native because that appears as narcissistic to me.  And yet our Sun (our ego) is in the middle with heliocentric charts and everything appears as if it’s revolving around us.  But again, I don’t see it that way because it’s give & take — a dance (not one way, isolated).

            This is my explanation of transits.

            I also briefly explain a few branches of astrology here
            and here.

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