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New Artwork by Jaisla: Experiments In Shading…

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Following my shading / photo realistic faces posts?

Here’s an update. :-)

I’m now officially obsessed with drawing realistic eyes. I was at the movies tonight and I took pictures of the posters of some amazing eyes of two actresses… They were nice, clear close up’s with tons of detail — I couldn’t resist. *chuckle* But I felt like some kind of poster fetishist or something. ;P

Hopefully I’ll recreate those eyes in a week or so — they truly are beautiful in the posters.

Guess who?

My first self-portrait.

I’m getting better at ‘seamless shading’ but the curves are missing a lot in this one, as are other things.

This is a work-in-progress.  And this is truly my style.  I draw an abstract shape and then I fit a face in there.  Then I get to coloring and these days, shading.  I wonder what this will turn out like.

I did this tonight.  Trying to learn how to blend pencil value.  The drawing is scary.  Obviously, that’s not a good pencil to shade with unless I’m doing horror comics… LOL…

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