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Chart Reading Tricks: The Ascendant & Synastry – At First Sight

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The Ascendant is what we see first in another.

Lets say you have Leo on the 7th house cusp and someone who interests you has Leo rising.  This could tell you that Leo rising is someone whom you might want to form a commitment with and you may find them as being ‘marriage material’.

However, the one glitch with this sad story is that Leo rising has Aquarius on the 7th house and that means they tend to be on the detached side in committed relationships.  They generally need and want a lot of freedom in marriage, even if they’d say otherwise at the start.  In fact, because it’s the house of projections they’ll think whoever they’ve hooked up with wants a lot of freedom and that could be very well true but it’s also true of the native.

Okay, so what am I getting at?!

Unless you have an Aquarius rising, it can be a difficult fit if you wanted to get married to the Leo rising because Leo on the DC is in many ways freedom busting, warm, and would likes attachment.

So what I’m saying here… is that the ascendant is what we see on the outside, looking in.  And wherever someone’s ascendant falls in our houses, that’s where we see the person at first sight and how we think they’ll fit into our lives.

But we all know there’s more to it and it doesn’t matter what we see because the rising sign often doesn’t see, accept, or fully articulate their risingness,  so what you thought you were going to get — may not pan out.

If it doesn’t, the moral of the story is to remind your ‘rising’ sign partner to do their bit.  Encourage them to shine naturally and don’t get peeved when they don’t or didn’t see what you saw in them at first sight.  It’s just not their fault what you saw or what impact you’d thought they’d have in your life.


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6 Responses to Chart Reading Tricks: The Ascendant & Synastry – At First Sight

  1. Hmm. This is interesting. I should start asking people what they birth info is so that I can keep track. But I don’t think that I’m attracted to a particular sign, as it were.

    My Rising is Libra, so Aries is on my descendent (which also houses both Jupiter and Venus). So, from your post – perhaps I really like people who are very out-going, intense and fiery? I do envy my cousin, who is an Aries Sun, who is very popular, has loads of friends and lots of energy. But I don’t know if she’s an Aries Rising too.

    But, the last time I attempted to get with an Aries Sun – it completely and totally failed. He was also a flaming asshole, but it’s made me generally wary of Aries. o.O 

    • You haven’t?! Oh, you must.  Synastry is where it’s at as it relates to other people. I remember checking my synastry with a friend of mine and I felt so weird about it.  Like we were not having a romantic involvement so it felt weird.  That’s how I saw synastry at first — just ‘romance readings’ but it tells us so much more about ourselves and interacting with others romantic or otherwise.

      LOL on the flaming asshole… But seriously, that sucks… Also, with your Libra rising, you have Aries on the 7th (I believe) so his Aries would have been in your 7th?  Normally that’s an attractor.  Their Sun in your 7th house.

      I’d say you definitely like people who have a competitive spirit (Mars on the 7th), outgoing, intense, and fiery but you’d be that way too because the 7th is the house of projection.  It’s an insidious house in that way because it’s the house of ‘mirrors’ — Libra — so who is what, and when is very hard to figure out?! O-o It took me a year or two to sort it out in my head. :D

      Since we don’t know his ascendant, we can’t say this Chart Reading Trick ™ would apply to him but anyone who has Libra on their 7th house cusp may think you’re one way and over time, get something else.  They see the Libran qualities and want to ‘marry’ that but then your fiery Aries (on the 7th) will come out in committed relationships. Yeah, it’s twisted.

      In other words, with him… you probably had Sun Conjunct Mars (by house, my method of reading) if Aries is on your 7th house cusp (or in your 7th house) and that’s what caused a lot of trouble with your ex Aries…

  2. I replied, but the first time it didn’t let me click the twitter thingie!! D:

  3. Insightful as always. :-) Hmmm. I think of the ASC as two things: the “window” into someone’s world, because it gives us the Wheel; and what I’m calling “instinctive reaction.” Reaction to discern it from Response, which is the Moon. Definitely right that the ASC “sign” itself isn’t always acknowledged (or accepted) by the person, nor is it always blatant to others. Of course, you’re reacting with ALL planetary energies, so I believe what sets the ASC apart is that it’s not a conscious energy. It’s a pattern responding to stimulus. There is no emotional involvement in this pattern–the Moon projects that.

    So it’s always “there,” ie. you react as your ASC no matter what other energies you are projecting. The other energies can take the spotlight, to where the ASC is “concealed” by them.

    Cheers to your starry wisdom!

    • Thanks for stopping by and sharing ‘your’ starry wisdom. :-D
      I like how you write about this: >i>There is no emotional involvement in this pattern–the Moon projects that. So it’s always “there,” ie. you react as your ASC no matter what other
      energies you are projecting. The other energies can take the spotlight,
      to where the ASC is “concealed” by them.” So true!

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