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What’s Worst in Synastry? An Opposition or a Square?

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What’s worst in synastry? An opposition or a square?

I think an opposition is worst because there’s such a see-saw and tug-o-war effect, the couple can be opposed to each other, and even if they manage to synch up and blend — it could go extremely in one way or the other.  Whereas a square is something more manageable. Harmony can be brought to the table if both parties are willing to make some compromise and fall-back a bit. As well, the square tends to have a dynamic quality about it, a fortitude that I don’t see as clearly with the opposition.

What do you think and why?


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5 Responses to What’s Worst in Synastry? An Opposition or a Square?

  1. kjellpettersson says:

    I think the square can be easy as it would probably be about something relatively concrete, whereas the opposition is more visibly about a conflict of interests.

    However, the opposition has one advantage over the square; it is open to mediators. A third point in trine/sextile to the opposition’s ends can be of great help and offer outlet, but with the square no such “mediator point” can be found. At least no such point that relates to both positions in the square. 

    For this reason I prefer the opposition, after all. You can always “put” the third point there through electing a chart that ameliorates the opposition. 

    • Hello there and what a treat to receive a comment from you!

      I agree that the opposition causes a ‘conflict of interests’.  I like how you say that.

      Is the mediator point that you speak of, the midpoint?! Or is it just the aspect type?! That in the middle of an opposition, we have a trine/sextile?

      I haven’t worked consciously with midpoints, the process and midpoint list seem so foreign to me — like when I first viewed the aspectarian grid.

      And electing a chart that ameliorates the opposition seems like a complicated process.

      Is that something we do in our computer programs or by hand? Is it one of your secret astro mojo tricks?! :)

      I’ll also ask you how to do it, in private if it isn’t, as I imagine it’d take up a lot of space here (I’m a slow learner)!

      Also… I noticed you didn’t sign in with your website or twitter space, feel free to do so if it pleases you.

      • kjellpettersson says:

        Sorry for late answer, I did not see this email. 

        With “mediator point” I mean the sextile/trine points (four for every opposition actually). I do not think the midpoint functions like this (though you could use the “mediator points” to *it* also, giving you a sum total of eight points you can “lead the energy” to).

        This is one of my tricks, but I am only happy to share it. :) That is, I don’t know of any program showing these points. But once you have the idea, you will “see” them directly. Whatever trines/sextiles the opposition or its midpoint axis is fair game. 

        You can use it for squares also, but then you would have to use the points relating to the midpoint axis, as squares to not have any “mediator points”. (The expression is all mine and I actually coined it for answering your post!)

        Regarding elections, occupying two of these points should not be too hard, as you could put the Moon on one point. You will have the Moon and another planet occupying two of the points fairly often. (But, of course, the rest of that chart has to be decent!)

        I probably did not see the Twitter option. I have been a bit wolly-headed lately.

  2. Jennifer says:

    It would depend on the rest of the chart IMO.  Oppositions can create an opposites attract/ balancing out effect. Opp’s are externalized and squares usually operate inwardly.  The tension from a square can be a good thing for some kinds of relating, such as sexuality.  There is no clear answer on this.

    • Hi Jennifer,
      Thanks for stopping by!

      I agree.  It’s a difficult one. For myself and my experience, it seems to be the opposition, but I’m curious about the “mediator point” kjellpettersson chats about below.

      I have found that I can work an opposition, in my own chart better than I can fix in synastry — say with a friend, who may not be as motivated to overcome the distance and meet half-way. Whereas the square seems more straight forward:  Obstacle ahead.  How do you move it?  Move it. :D

      Hopefully see you again.

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