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Bright Idea: Half-Size Cigarettes

Half-size cigarettes. Idea first conceived in and around July 2004. Since then, seen half-size pop drinks and chocolate bars!! :-) Moral of the story? Half the vice is better?

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Bright Idea: Changing Wall Color or Hangings

Colour has a great impact on our psyche so it would be nice to be able to change a room’s wall color or wall paper, at will. It would also be cool to have pictures that rotate or reverse an image so you’d have a wall hanging that would change to suit your mood, event theme, or guest’s tastes.  Idea first conceived in and around July 2004. I have since seen transit posters ‘rolling’ a new poster in!!

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About Learning Web Design

doctype is similar to a dialect } (x)html is similar to a language a person might speak } head is the head of a person — pretty straight forward } body is the body of a person — pretty straight forward } p, br, table, tr, td, ul, ol and other structural tags are similar to the insides of a body: heart, lungs, intestines, ribs, skeleton, etc. } Attributes are the size, volume, width, height, etc.. of the insides/organs (what a structural tag might look like) } Content is similar to blood, nerve endings, and what’s inside/organs. In other words, content goes between the body tags! } CSS is the outside presentation of the person… their clothing, hair colour, shape of their body, etc. etc.

This bright idea was originally conceived in and around July, 2004.

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Original Ideas?

Are there any original ideas? I think not. I think we can modify, add, subtract, and borrow to create something new — that can often appear, original.

My new ideas are either ones downloaded from the collective conscious, universal highway of the mind, or are latent rehashes of something that has occurred before.

From a pure sense, I don’t believe that anyone has an original idea and that every rare idea, made public, was thought of by someone else too — maybe even at the same time so the originality of it is cancelled out.

We’re all connected!

Enjoy cough,cough some of my bright ideas.

Inspired? ©redit

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Consultations with Abella: Do you have a Leo, Libra, Virgo, or Cancer Sun, Moon, Mercury, or Rising?!

Do you have a Leo, Libra, Virgo, or Cancer Sun, Moon, Mercury, or Rising?! If you do, you’d probably love to have a consultation with me. For example, I have Jupiter and Uranus in Libra, a Virgo stellium, and Cancer on the DC — so my planets connect to your planets and angles.  What that means is that we co-create BIG, POWERFUL, and POSITIVE CHANGES for you.

Hop to it! :P http://www.KnowTheWay.ca

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More is less. So yes, Less is more.

More is less. So yes, Less is more.

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Astrology: Square Aspects

Square’s cause boxed-in tension. When you feel tension, what do you do? If you don’t do anything, what happens? Yeah, that’s what square’s are all about.

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Happy Sunny Leo Sunday

Happy Sunny Leo Sunday. This is my favourite day of the week. I wonder why. ;-P

Oh, why not… more music!!
Crank that sound!

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David Bowie: I’m deranged.

And now time for a song… Working my way up to a celebrity reading of David Bowie.

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Quote: Astrology Mimics Life

Art mimics life? Another a word does the same: Astrology mimics life.

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Bright Ideas: The General Public

“The General Public” would make a great name or title for some product, service, or entertainment piece.

Update on my apparent latent memory (previous post cracked it open aka got the brain storming): Been advised that a number of bands already use this name. What’d I say? Would make a great name for that sort of thing! It’s a bright idea. haha… tweet-on!

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Positive Occult Practice & The General Public

I like to think of myself as making a positive contribution to occult studies and practices. I’m largely friendly, warm, practical, skeptical, thoughtful, analytical, bright, connected, accepting of differences, soft-hearted, understanding, and ethical. I’m also somewhat normal, on the outside ;-). Pisces-Virgo with a good dash of Leo?!

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Whitney Houston: Love Aspects – Women Who Love Too Much

Whitney Houston definitely had a whole lot of love to give. Her Venus communicated with eight planets and her Midheaven. Unfortunately, a few of those contacts conversed in a difficult and traumatic way.

Venus Opposite Saturn – Serious love separates. She couldn’t get close enough to the ones she loved. There was always a distance and a hard lesson to learn. The men she loved were not available. Getting involved with married men, or men who were too old, much older (at least 7 years), or hard for her. More about this aspect type.

Venus Square Neptune
– False spiritual love. Loving men who are emotionally unavailable, wrong for her — men she saw potential in but who could not live up to her imagination. Love after or before its time — star crossed lovers. Unrequited love. Past lives karmic soulmate. More about this aspect.

Venus Semi-sextile Pluto – Powerful love. Jealous love. Possessive love. She held on to the ones she loved even if they were no good for her. She also attracted men who wanted to possess her. She was energized by this sado-masochistic love, at times and found opportunity to engage in it.

Article linking her to Jermaine Jackson.

Whitney’s 1985 single Saving All My Love For You, which tells the story of a woman’s romance with a married man, with the singer even hiring a lookalike of Jermaine for the footage. [A] source added: ‘The reason it ended was because Jermaine wouldn’t leave his wife – and Whitney was angry. The video for Saving All My Love For You was about all of that.’

After reading this article, I realized Whitney probably had challenging love aspects and so she did.

In 1985 (during Whitney’s heyday, and the year Whitney’s song was published) Robin Norwood published a book: Women Who Love Too Much — while this reflected the emerging nature of women’s issues within relationships during a boom in women’s liberation and career opportunities of the 1980’s, it was a perfect book describing Whitney Houston’s love entanglements.

In fact, here’s some chapters (of the Norwood book) that connect with her aspects:

“If I suffer for you, will you love me” – Venus Opposition or Square Saturn
“The need to be needed” – Venus Square Neptune, and Moon-Venus (Whitney has this too).
“Beauty and the beast” – Venus-Pluto
“When one addiction feeds another” – Venus-Neptune
“Dying for love” Venus-Pluto
“Good sex in bad relationships” Partly Venus-Pluto. Mars would be involved here too.
“Loving the man who doesn’t love you back” Venus Square or Opposition Saturn

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Saturday Night Singles?

I guess doing grocery shopping on a Saturday night means you’re single? Male cashier (in his twenties) said, “You should get a boyfriend to carry all this stuff for you”. *eye raise*

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Quote: A great sweater is like a good hug.

A great sweater is like a good hug.

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