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Sun-Mars in Leo, 7th House Trouble

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Due to my Sun Leo being in the 7th, I find that I strive for and encourage equality but I like ‘fans’ or to be a ‘leader’ in my partnerships, teaching, or consulting.

But what I often find, due to my Mars being in there too — I suppose — is that I get people (clients and students) wanting to compete with me and show me that they can be just as good or better than me while disregarding what I taught and shared with them.

By the way, I am very impressed with my students and clients and if nothing else I feel that they ARE better than me.  And that, to me, is a sign of good consulting and teaching BUT that’s not what I’m trying to get across.  I’m not talking about the person, student, employee, or client showing me how they’ve improved or how they are getting better.  It’s that they are clearly competitive, spurred on, I imagine by my Mars (and the Sun, for being so darn inspirational in the first place) in the 7th and they have a difficult time remembering or accepting that it was me who helped them improve! *ugh*

Mars (Aries) wants to go it on their own so I invite and encourage people who are like that and I’m like that too.  The only difference with me is that I actually ‘do’ learn it on my own, and when I don’t, I cite sources and remember who helped me along the way. The people I invite into my life are learning from me but, as I’ve said before — they often have a hard time sharing with others (and more importantly, with themselves) that they got any education from me.

This does not apply with EVERYONE, just enough people and enough times to get me ranting. ;P

And it doesn’t just happen in astrology and tarot, it happens in EVERYTHING and that means it’s now happening in regards to my artwork. LOL I just can’t seem to get away from it unless I stop sharing what I’m doing or thinking. Grrrr … I have too much passion and I have a bad habit of sharing it. LOL

On a business / teaching level, it’s not good to incite competitive behavior as it’s hard to move forward or find success in my field, if that’s happening.
I normally teach one-on-one or to nameless, faceless people (ie, blog format) but maybe I need to teach a group so that they can be each other’s witness which will likely lead to reinforcing that they learned something ‘unique’ or ‘unusual’ from me. LOL… This stuff is funny, when looked at from another angle. Truth is stranger than fiction, that’s for sure.

Ahhh, how to stop that one?! Anyone have some advice other than hiding my knowledge until fully published and marketed? :)


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3 Responses to Sun-Mars in Leo, 7th House Trouble

  1. That’s so strange! Hm. I guess the only thing you can really do, is that now you know about it, you just have to acknowledge it and let it go! That’s probably harder than it sounds since this is such an annoying problem to have! 

    I’m trying to think of other placements I personally have that cause me a lot of problems. The Venus Square Saturn (and all her other squares to Neptune and Uranus) are difficult for me to deal with. I’m trying to figure it out. At first I was like, “Maybe I’ll just forget about dating, and act like it doesn’t matter.” but when I do that, it just makes it worse. So I think I see something similar in your post; ignoring it or trying to run away from it.

    Perhaps the only real option is to not get too worked up about it, if you can. And just do you and not get bogged down by other people feeling competitive with you!

    • We all have strange things that happen to us that won’t happen to others — most of us have ‘natal chart’ weirdness. Haha  … That’s why one size doesn’t fit all.

      I haven’t quit sharing but I’m acutely aware of this stuff happening and it’s something I’m doing that’s causing that reaction in others — not in everyone, mind you!

      Perhaps it’s better I don’t share in open forums, even if I love to do so.  I have went over this a number of times and it seems wherever I go, this stuff happens. So it’s not about running away from the problem but rather ‘attacking’ it head-on — Sun-Mars style. ;-)

      In the end, I’m really the one that gets hurt by what I share, while the other gets inspired, learns, gets competitive, and wins from my work while I do the starving artist routine and I don’t get very far with that. Bad karma having Sun-Mars in the 7th, for sure! *ugh*

      And if I wasn’t doing all this to support myself financially, then I could let it go.  But I *do* this for a living so need to take it seriously and not ignore it.  I’m trying to find a solution.

      Maybe I should take the own advice that I’d give a client with a Sun-Mars in the 7th. :P

      I’m looking for win-win rather than win-lose.
      Just ranting and thinking. LOL

  2. So I got some good advice about this topic… 

    A friend said I’m a giver (Virgo stellium, Jupiter Libra, Sun Leo)  and that what I should do is to keep giving (because that’s what makes me happy and is my nature) but don’t give as much.

    They said I talk about a lot of different topics and that I’m radical in that way. They said that I need to hash out a topic (such as 12 posts on Sun-Mars — a series — rather than writing about new things every day) so that…

    a) it’s memorable, and b) I’m seen as an expert on that topic.
    That’s not really my interest but how people operate can be an odd thing.  In the end, I want win-win.

    They also said that wouldn’t completely solve the problem and they are going to come up with some other ideas for me because they have seen this happen over and over again to me and frankly, I end up feeling used and that’s never a good thing.

    I imagine my intercepted Pisces in the 2nd and Neptune in the 10th are players in all of this. :-) And that I can come across as a ‘victim’ as I whine about this topic. ;P…

    Anyway, this is me.  I don’t like a signature in my chart and I’m going to do what it takes to solve the problem while being true to my own nature. Yeehaw!!

    p.s. Just noticed that Moon Aquarius and Mercury Pisces are at 29° in the skies…

    And on a personal note I’m experiencing Venus Sextile Chiron, Chiron Opp Mercury, Moon Square Saturn, and Moon in the 2nd! I don’t have any of these aspects natally.

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