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Astrology: How To Get Rid of Bad Natal Aspects

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How to get rid of bad natal aspects? Synastry is one answer.

Sometimes we meet another and we find the same negative aspect in synastry. This generally means we haven’t worked out that issue yet and this person is here, as our soulmate, to hammer it out.

But lets say you’re tired of going down the ‘soul-mate’ road and you just want to have a joy ride… then not having your nasty bits duplicated in synastry, will help you feel more joy.

Awesome synastry can cancel out your natal problems. In this case, you’ll want to know what you don’t want duplicated and set about not attracting your kind of person.

Do keep in mind that you’ll want to learn from the relationship, should it ever end, so that you can be healed by it rather than using it as a crutch!


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2 Responses to Astrology: How To Get Rid of Bad Natal Aspects

  1. Mermaid says:

    !!  For the longest time I was attracted to the Plutonian type which fed my passion, pleasure and pain. Now my heart is finding joy and newfound peace I’ve never before experienced (or been able to experience) through the exact opposite! <3

    • Astrogasm says:

      Me too. Been there, done that, so over it! I did the 180° thing on something but I still got the Pluto thing on the back-swing. I didn’t know how to read a natal chart properly back then. Had I know, I would have steered clear! Anyway, lessons learned. Everything for a reason and all that jazz. Wish you the best with your 180° which will more than likely net much success given you can read a chart! <3

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