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Uranus: What Do You Need To Feel Content

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Want to feel content? Look to the sign that Uranus is in.

My Uranus is in Libra.  I need harmony, partnership, beauty, sweetness, delightful conversation, love, art, music, and balance to feel content.

If I have this, I 1) sleep like a baby, and 2) I smile a lot.

I generally feel very comfortable, yet intellectually stimulated, around Libra Sun’s because they don’t upset me. In fact Libra’s have a calming effect upon me.

This is also why having a Mercury-Venus contact with someone, in syanstry, is VERY important to me whereas it might not be as important for you to have.  I need that because I have strong Mercury-Venus in my chart and I want, like, and need to speak my truth but, in harmony.  However, with Mars in the 7th and on the 3rd, it’s a challenge with most people. So a Venus person, who is Mercurial (preferably Virgo), cancels that trouble out!

But of course, it’s not really as simple as that.  There are so many moving parts in a chart.  However, this is how I begin to personalize your natal chart when I read it.  There’s no blog post or report that can currently do this.

So back on track — this is one reason why it’s important to have a harmonious connection between your Sun and someone else’s Uranus and vice versa.  If it’s disharmonious, it causes discontent. In that vein, this also means that if you have a disharmonious Sun-Uranus contact natally, you are likely to feel discontent.

And note that (Sun) Leo is Opposite to (Uranus) Aquarius naturally, so there’s already a planetary disharmony (that can be adjusted).

Another Uranus-sign delineation?

Uranus Scorpio may need sex, secret investigations, power (em), control (self), and tarot reading (for examples) to find contentment.

What’s your Uranus in and what do you need to feel content?


Let me provide some insights in your own life. And if you are interested in learning astrology, numerology, or tarot from a Jupiter-Uranus Libra in the 9th teacher, I'd love to be your guide.

15 Responses to Uranus: What Do You Need To Feel Content

  1. pat says:

    my uranus in cancer 2nd house and i’ve had upheavels my entire life in the home beg in childhood

    • Hi Pat!

      Yeah Uranus can be a real S-disturber.  But it can also tell you what ‘wont’ make you unsettled. So it seems a comfortable and happy home is important to you? 

      What other Cancerian qualities do you think would be important for you to have that peace and contentment that Uranus wants you not to have? :-)

      How about: Good food choices? Family getting along? What do you think?

    • So then you need home life stability to feel at peace?

      The thing about Uranus is that it tells us what ‘shakes us up’ but it also tells us what we need and need to do, to stop that.

      There’s always an antidote.

      • Pat says:

        I feel at peace in my home its the outside world that makes it unsettling. I’ve lived here almost 36 yrs w/ little or no controversy for mmost of those yrs. Then I got div and it seem slike every nyut job thought I needed them. I do NOT. I’m very happy being single w/ 3 dogs.

        Lets face it unstable people are attracted to stable people.

        • LOL Break-up’s can be like that…  It’s like putting out a solar flare to those you probably wouldn’t get jiggy with if you had been single. O-o

          Just saw your reply above — they seem to be unthreaded. *shrug* :)

          So eating ‘good food’ is one of the antidotes when Uranus is in an unstable mode or to avoid it stimulating instability!

          Glad you’re feeling better with dance!

          • pat says:

            sorry about my replies not being threaded-when I open the link Im not seeing your reply.

            I havent met anyone I want to get jiggied with, lol. Rather I fear what happend w/ my ex a cancer moon was unable to elt go and became very cruel. who wants to live thru that again?
            Its very difficult for me to trust men anyway.

          • I hear you on that.  Thankfully or not, I have lacked that kind of  memory that I’m silly enough to keep getting back into the ring.  But I also realize that it can take much time to heal after a long-term relationship that turned sour.  Not all Cancer Moon’s will react cruelly if they can’t let go but certainly Cancer Moon’s don’t let go easily — that’s for sure.  Did he have any Mars-Venus-Pluto in his natal chart? Also, was his Chiron poorly aspected to Venus? Or perhaps in your synastry / composite chart?

          • Pat says:

            He was always cruel from early on he’d say cruel things about my appearance meanwhile I was very pretty w/ a va va voom body! I guess I didnt realize it at the time. He was the only one who took me out to the city, dinner, etc but he had that cruel streak that would ruin everything good that he did that made me happy. he paid the bills, I never had to work. Eventually the relationship took its toll on me and I began to be attracted to others who said nicer things to me. Finally b I had managed to get a job and be able to take care of myself so by the time I was 40 it was over.  What shocked me was that it wasnt as easy as i thought, taking care of myself and 2 children running  ahosue alone. He knew it would HURT if he took my daughter so he did and for that I will never forgive him. He was even crueler to her. He kick her out when he found a new love. She took it out on me. But she’d never dissapoint him by coming home to me. NEVER.

          • The good old Uranus Opp. Uranus (40 year — “get the heck out of crappy situations or I’ll shake you out of it” transit!!). Uranus is good for LOTS of things! :)
            I’m sorry to her about what sounds like an ‘abusive’ situation.  The paying for everything is also about creating ‘dependency’ so you won’t leave.

            I’m glad you found the strength to find your independence and support yourself after experiencing such as horrible situation.

            How long ago did all this happen?! How long were you together?  Sorry if I didn’t get the numbers straight.

          • pat says:

            We got together in 1970 then split for good 1993. The thing is I still dont have my daughter in my life and she’s 32 now.  One would think shje’d remember the good tiems and come around but its possible she still wants so badly to please daddy.

            I’m pretty much paved the way for starting MY life over, with or without her. Mostly cuz I’m bored.

            Do I dwell on the past not intentionally but it does effect my relationships because I attract wise asses. Whats wrong with men these days??? I’ll be 60 the end of the month and have yet to meet a nice reg guy. Uggh. I’m done!!

          • 1970 was a complex year!
            Have you read your daughter’s natal chart?
            Anything Sun-Moon-Pluto in it? Maybe even Uranus… Also, have you read your chart, in synastry?

            What’s on or in your 7th? 5th?
            Yeah, I LOVE men but I seem to attract men who lack ambition and morality.  Do I lack that? I think not.  I think I have too much to go around frankly.  Maybe they sniff that.  haha

            Nice and regular, sounds nice. :-)

  2. pat says:

    i need peace. i’ve tried to move but i get shit there too 

  3. Pat says:

    Family getting along would be awesome! I already eat good food, I’m a taurus. I’ll drive past 30 Italian restaurants for good pizza and I buy/cook/eat mostly organic. Just a lil too much!
    Just joined a dance class and already i feel better.

  4. Pat says:

    I’m seriously thinking of moving to a larger property for my dogs and for peace.

  5. Pat says:

    Now that i’ve learned to take care of myself, I could never depend on a man again. I think losing my independence is my biggest fear about settling down again. Not of being treated badly because that will NOT happen. I’d wouldn’t put up with it.

    So my Uranus in Cancer (his moon) and Pluto in Leo (he’s a sag) maybe he’ll start up again…. 

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